The Grass is Greener: The Future of Biofuels – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

The Grass is Greener: The Future of Biofuels – Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming – 2007-10-24 – Edward J. Markey, Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence held a hearing entitled “The Gas is Greener: The Future of Biofuels.” The Hearing took place on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. in 2175 Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing featured testimony from biofuel companies, environmental groups and musician Adam Gardner of the band Guster. Gardner has started a non-profit called Reverb which has “greened” tours for bands such as Bare Naked Ladies, Dave Mathews Band, Beastie Boys and the Fray. A demonstration of a Jeep Liberty SUV running on biofuels followed the hearing on the corner of New Jersey Ave. SE and C Street SE by Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings. WITNESS LIST: Adam Gardner, Guster and Reverb; Don Endres, CEO, VeraSun; Steve Gatto, CEO, Bioenergy LLC; Nathanael Greene, Natural Resources Defense Council; Dr. Susan Leschine, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and founder of SunEthanol. Video provided by the U.S. House of Representatives.


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Mini excavator for sale in MS – (757) 785-9136 – 1998 IHI 18J mini – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Mini excavator for sale in MS
– Call Bryan Smith: (757) 785-9136

Welcome to Southeastern Equipment Corporation!
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We are currently selling All Construction Equipment’s including Used Equipment’s, Attachments, Backhoes, Compactions, Crawler Dozers, Crawler Loaders, Dismantled Parts, Excavators, Forklifts, Motor Graders, Off-Highway Trucks, Scrapers, Skid Steers, Track Dump Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, Trucks & Wheel Loaders.

We are currently renting Excavators, Long Reach Excavators, Dozers, Wheel Loaders, Backhoes, Compaction Rollers, Off Road Trucks (Articulated and Track) and Forklifts.

Mini excavator for sale in MS, Mini excavators for sale in MS, Mini excavators sale MS, Mini excavator sales MS,
Used Mini excavator for sale in MS, Used Mini excavators for sale in MS, Used Mini excavators sale MS, Used Mini excavator sales MS,

Construction Equipment’s, Attachments, Backhoes, Compactions, Crawler Dozers, Crawler Loaders, Dismantled Parts, Excavators, Forklifts, Motor Graders, Off-Highway Trucks, Scrapers, Skid Steers, Track Dump Trucks, Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Compaction Rollers, Off Road Trucks, Articulated Off Road Trucks, Track Trucks


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What is VIRTUAL OFFICE? What does VIRTUAL OFFICE mean? VIRTUAL OFFICE meaning & explanation – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

What is VIRTUAL OFFICE? What does VIRTUAL OFFICE mean? VIRTUAL OFFICE meaning – VIRTUAL OFFICE definition – VIRTUAL OFFICE explanation.

Source: article, adapted under license.

The term “virtual office” implies space utilization, but a full application includes professional live communications.

1. Communications services:

a. Remote receptionist – A team of workers in an office environment working remotely, using high-tech Computer Telephone Integration software, to replace a traditional receptionist.
b. Virtual assistant – A virtual assistant is often a “lone eagle” working from home, who rarely meets their clients face-to-face. A virtual assistant typically has no access to CTI Software. Rates run $25 an hour and up.
c. Answering services/call centers operate from a centralized location for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. Users lament problems of security, impersonal staff with high turnover, language barriers, translation errors and a less-than-professional image. When selecting an answering service, look for one based in your own country so that there are no language barriers.
d. Voicemail is a low-cost technology that stores voice messages electronically. Recent advances in technology allow for the conversion of Voicemail messages to email making message retrieval far more convenient for business owners. In customer service applications, voicemail has limitations. Used for customer service, voicemail has become synonymous with frustration. The complaints are legion and have inspired spoofs on the voicemail experience. Studies also show that up to 75% of callers simply hang up when their call is answered by a machine.
e. Virtual office space – Virtual office gives you a chance to own a high-profile reputed address in a city of your choice, at a fraction of the buying or renting cost of such an address.
f. Phone answering service – Virtual office phone answering service bridging the gap between you and your numerous clients.

2. Space services:

a. Professional address – A prestigious building to be used as the business address. A professional address alleviates the privacy and personal security concerns of running a home-based business. A user can expand into new markets by utilizing a provider with multiple locations to establish a professional presence in the desired growth markets.
b. Mailing address – The professional address can be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mail without the connotations of a PO box. Under US law, a PO box is to be clearly indicated and so not conducive for most corporate entities in this regard. Some VO providers offer 24/7 access to individually assigned and locked mailboxes. This allows the staff of a VO user to have a centralized location as a convenient vehicle for the secure transfer of paper documents 24/7. A mail-only provider may be subject to USPS CMRA regulations.
c. Open envelope scanning – A handler opens the mail and scans the contents, emailing or transferring the digitized documents onto a cloud-based file storage system that users can access immediately. The opened physical mail is then shredded unless further storage is requested.
d. Reception courtesies – Receptionists at the business address can receive and sign for incoming overnights, deliveries, packages and provide document drop-off/pick-up services. On-site witnesses and notaries may be available, depending on the provider.
e. Business meeting space – The on-demand use (hourly, daily or weekly) of conference rooms and offices for meetings. Meeting space can often be rented at short notice.
f. Casual workspace – As an alternative to the distractions of co-working or the interruptions of a home office, office space is available on an occasional or “drop-in” basis, either hourly, daily or monthly.
g. Executive suite – A small percentage of VO users lease space full-time.
h. On-site amenities – A full-service virtual office will provide broadband Internet, fax-copier-printer, advanced phone features, conference calling, video conferencing, kitchenette and a business-worthy lobby/waiting area.
i. Virtual office solution – Virtual office solution gives dual advantages in whichever city you need and a reputed business address which would marginalize the gap created by established brand value.
j. Live virtual receptionist – A virtual answering service is an automated system with a live virtual receptionist. This kind of service can be enjoyed without purchasing expensive equipment.
k. Other services – Other services may include creation of a website, business cards, attorney consultations.


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1978 John Deere 4440 tractor for sale | no-reserve Internet auction April 27, 2016 – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

1978 John Deere 4440 tractor for sale | no-reserve Internet auction April 27, 2016
Ag Equipment Auction
This asset is for sale in an absolute, no-reserve Internet auction by Purple Wave on April 27, 2016
View a detailed listing of this item and place bids at

1978 John Deere 4440 tractor
9,078 hours on meter
John Deere six cylinder turbo diesel engine
Quad-Range transmission
16F-6R gears
Differential lock
AC and heat
Tilt steering wheel
Suspension seat
Koyker 565 loader
7’W bucket
Quick attach
Two lever controls
14L-16.1 front tires
18.4R38 rear tires
Serial 4440H009756R

G&C Hay Company Inc.
220 W 660 Ave
Girard, KS 66743

Questions, inspection and removal

View all items at this location

Item location address: This item is located at 220 W 660 Ave, Girard, KS

Item-specific questions: For information related to this specific item, please contact Lonny Geier at or 620.724.3100.

Auction questions: For information related to auction-specific issues, such as terms, shipping availability, payment or Internet bidding, please contact Purple Wave at or 866.608.9283.

Inspections: For information about inspecting this item, please contact Lonny Geier at or 620.724.3100. Inspection times are by appointment only.

Removal: For information about item removal, please contact Lonny Geier at or 620.724.3100. Removal times are by appointment only. Personnel and vehicle start assistance will be available during loadout.

Removal timeline: Unless other removal arrangements are made with the removal contact within 48 hours from the end of the auction, fees for failing to timely remove items won may be assessed under the auction terms and conditions. All items must be removed by Wednesday, May 11. Items not removed by Wednesday, May 11 will be subject to penalty up to and included additional storage and administration fees and item forfeiture.

Buyer’s premium
A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to all winning bids, resulting in the total purchase price, exclusive of any applicable sales taxes, owed by the winning bidder. The buyer’s premium will be included in the price against which applicable sales taxes are calculated.

No reserve
This item will sell without reserve to the highest bidder.

It’s located in Girard, KS, and we’re selling it to the highest bidder regardless of price.


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Open Forum for Inside Sales Training 0001 by Mike Lions – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Open Forum for Inside Sales Training 0001 by Mike Lions

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Remembering that the telephone is not only an instrument for communications but is also a sales and marketing medium, the definition of telemarketing becomes important, especially when you are learning to perform in a professional manner.
It is a curious but factual comment that how you sound and what you say are what create your telephone personality. If you don’t sound good or you handle yourself poorly over the telephone the process stops dead in its sales and marketing tracks.

We have all had the experience of talking to customers and prospects on the telephone long before we have met them in person and are surprised that they look different than they sound. Respondents to our telephone sales calls tend to “manufacture” images of the inside sales rep (ISR) depending on how they sound. Needless to say, the reverse is true. Confidences can be shaken or intense risks perceived by the caller (customer/prospect) or if
the customer service/service representative or sales rep doesn’t sound quite right or have a good phone personality. Equally important is the company is impacted by the professionalism (or lack of it) that is demonstrated in any one call.


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How China Is Shifting From A Producing to A Branding Industry – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

How China Is Shifting From A Producing to A Branding Industry

China has grown into the world’s manufacturing hub thanks to the successful efforts of original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, producing goods in China for international brands. However, there is now a shift taking place. The OEM business can be very competitive, and the prices are dropping. China is now using the technology they used to use for Western brands, to produce their own brands. This way the production, distribution, design, innovation, communication and marketing is no longer spread out over different countries, but it all takes place in China.

And it seems to be working. Chinese (global) brands, mostly in the electronics industry, are definitely taking over the world and according to Daphne it will not be limited to electronics. To be continued…

For those interested, but who have no clue… Here is a short introduction into OEM and ODM’s. Now listen close, because they are quite similar.

An OEM stands for Original equipment manufacturer. This company is responsible for designing and building a product according to its own specifications, and then selling the product to another company or firm, which is responsible for its distribution.

An ODM is an Original design manufacturer is responsible for designing and building a product as per another company’s specifications

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How to Make a Journal Entry in Hindi – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

In this video, you will learn the steps to make a journal entry in my simple Hindi. If you want to get online coaching of any accounting subject from me, you can register yourself in my online online coaching institute. After registration, I will teach step by step for solving your accounting subject’s problems or you can do online basic accounting course. For knowing more detail of registration in my online coaching institute, please call me on my mobile no. 9356234925 (in India) and +91-9356234925 (outside India) or email on

you can also buy my written “Journal Entries Made Easy eBook” at my online store


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The most significant change in the FR/BAR Contract Update 2017! – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

On this episode of Title Tuesdays we are going to cover one of the most significant changes in FAR/BAR Contract update…

The Financing Clause!

The 2017 revisions to the Florida Realtors / Florida Bar Residential Contract has some major and some minor changes. We are going to be covering these changes in the next few episodes.

Independence Title, Inc.
Kevin Tacher, Founder
Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: 954-335-9305


Independence Title is the leading provider of title insurance and related real estate settlement services in Fort Lauderdale. Since 2003 we’ve provided superior real estate and mortgage settlement services throughout the State of Florida. As agents for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, we have the resources available to close any deal, anywhere and at any time with the best title insurance cost. We pride ourselves in providing the best the industry has to offer in title insurance fees, technology with out title insurance calculator and customer service. Throughout our 10+ year history, our conservative management philosophy has allowed us to grow and remain strong through the ups and downs of the market while other title insurance companies have closed their doors. Independence Title’s financial strength provides the confidence our customers need from their title insurance company in these tough economic times. We welcome you to browse our website and contact us with any questions you may have regarding our company and the services we provide. We’re looking forward to serving you soon!



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Marine planning for the blue economy: small island: big challenges – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Dr Heather Ritchie and Prof Greg Lloyd (Ulster)

The island of Ireland, though physically small, faces big institutional challenges for the delivery of a sustainable blue energy future. Challenges stem from separate governance regimes across the island; with several government departments controlling functions across planning and regulation. Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is established as an integrated policy based approach to the regulation, management and protection of the marine environment (Claydon, 2006). MSP will play a major part in the European Union’s vision for the ‘blue economy’, and will be vital in enabling renewable technologies to shape the future energy mix of the island of Ireland. This presentation explains that the existence of two separate, variegated and fragmented planning traditions, (terrestrial and now marine) spanning the island may create a potential barrier to realising Ireland’s ability to be a leader in offshore renewable energy and exports. It highlights how the island may have missed out on investment opportunities due to the lack of an integrated and co-ordinated marine planning system. The presentation acknowledges that a single marine planning system or a marine authority is unlikely, but it recommends more opportunities for integration and cooperation for an all-island strategic approach, beyond statutory consultations, allowing the island of Ireland to develop a sustainable blue economy.


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Heavy Equipment – Caterpillar 657E Wheel Tractor-Scrapers – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Caterpillar 657E Motor Scraper Enclosed Cab, A/C, Heater, Caterpillar 3412 Front Engine, Caterpillar 3408 Rear Engine, Cushion Hitch, Rear Push Block, 37.5-39 Tires. Seller Comment: This scraper has a coal bowl.


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SORBO SQUEEGEE CHANNEL WITH REVISED LUBE STRIP – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

How it looks now ready to use. The strip is made from scrubber sleeve. Had quick go on big glass this is going to change the way you use longer squeegees.

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Travel Agency Free PowerPoint Template – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Travel Agency Free PowerPoint Template
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