Cat® Water Delivery System Operator Controls Video – Sharing #caterpillar #Videos and #products

Cat® Water Delivery System Operator Controls Video Step by step instructional video on operating the Cat® Water Delivery System (WDS).

Sharing #caterpillar #Videos and #products
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Cat® MineStar™ System | Mobile Management Technology – Sharing #caterpillar #Videos and #products

Cat® MineStar™ System is the industry’s broadest suite of integrated mine operations and mobile equipment management technologies configurable to suite your operation’s needs. Its capability sets: Fleet, Terrain, Detect, Health and Command contain a range of technologies that let you manage everything from fleet assignment and condition monitoring to remote and autonomous control. Cat MineStar System lets you integrate products, processes and people like never before, helping you achieve maximum productivity, efficiency and safety. It offers unprecedented possibilities.

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Sharing #caterpillar #Videos and #products

Cat Surface Mining Product Demo

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As part of Mining Forum 2014, Caterpillar hosted several demonstrations of the Cat mining product line for customers from around the world at the Tinaja Hills Demonstration and Learning Center in Arizona.

Recorded in May 2014.

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