OSHA's Silica Rule Compliance Deadline Looms — Is Your Company Ready?

Reminder: OSHA will begin enforcement on its crystalline silica standard Saturday, Sept. 23. The agency said it plans to offer compliance assistance in the first 30 days to employers who are making a “good faith effort” to comply with the new rule, with a particular emphasis on helping employers use the new Table 1 way of measuring exposure levels….

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Vital Northwest Corridor 80 Percent Complete

Crews in Georgia are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel as they work to complete the $834 million Northwest Corridor Express Lanes (NWC) project. Designed to improve traffic flow and increase options for motorists and individuals using transit and registered vanpools, the project will reportedly provide reliable trip times, create jobs and bring economic benefits to area residents when completed next year….

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What is HEAVY INDUSTRY? What does HEAVY INDUSTRY mean? HEAVY INDUSTRY meaning & explanation

What is HEAVY INDUSTRY? What does HEAVY INDUSTRY mean? HEAVY INDUSTRY meaning – HEAVY INDUSTRY definition – HEAVY INDUSTRY explanation.

Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license.

Heavy industry is industry that involves one or more characteristics such as large and heavy products; large and heavy equipment and facilities (such as heavy equipment, large machine tools, and huge buildings); or complex or numerous processes. Of those factors, heavy industry often involves higher capital intensity than light industry does, and it is also often more heavily cyclical in investment and employment.

Traditional examples from the mid-19th century through the early 20th included steelmaking, artillery production, locomotive erection, machine tool building, and the heavier types of mining. From the late 19th century through the mid-20th, as the chemical industry and electrical industry developed, they involved components of both heavy industry and light industry, which was soon also true for the automotive industry and the aircraft industry. Modern shipbuilding (since steel replaced wood) is considered heavy industry. In the post–World War II era, construction of large systems, such as skyscrapers, large dams, and large rockets, is also often classed as heavy industry.

Many East Asian countries rely on heavy industry as part of their overall economies. Among Japanese and Korean firms with “heavy industry” in their names, many are also manufacturers of aerospace products and defense contractors to their respective countries’ governments such as Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries and Korea’s Hyundai Rotem, a joint project of Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Heavy Industries.

Heavy industry is also sometimes a special designation in local zoning laws.

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Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator gets blown up in spectacular demolition

At the end of the nineties the Bucket-Wheel Excavator Rheinbraun 256 was scrapped after 40 years of use in the soft coal opencast mine Garzweiler in Germany. This video shows the controlled demolition of the Bucket-Wheel Excavator Rheinbraun 256.

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BIG Construction-Site! Heavy Haulage RC Truck´s! Excavator Transport! Liebherr! ScaleART! MAN! MB!

This is an amazing BIG Construction-Site with 2 Heavy Haulage RC Truck´s, transporting big Excavator´s!
A Liebherr 944 Adjustable boom and a BIG Liebherr 974! One Rc Truck is a MAN TGA! The other RC Truck is a DAF! Booth modell´s are in 1:14 or 1:14,5.

They are offered by Wedico, ScaleArt and Robbe.
They are driving in a wonderful rc truck parcours at Aschaffenburg.

Wonderful Rc construction-site at Aschaffenburg Germany!

Great Rc Excavator, rc trac loader and rc tractor will shown, too.
For example the Liebherr 956 by premacon, or the Liebherr 634 trac loader from Carson, tuned with hydraulic by Kampfshoff!


What happens when you don’t pay your employees

Car Crushed by Huge Wheel Loader

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Construction of Power Transmission Line in Xinjiang Continues Despite Difficulties

The construction of the 354-kilometer long 750 kv power transmission line from Ili to Kuqa in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has faced many challenges and difficulties in the past two years as 70 percent of the line stretches over the Mount Tianshan.

As a major livelihood project for southern Xinjiang, the transmission line, 353.7 km in length, started construction in November, 2014. The line connects Nilka County in Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili with Kuqa County in Aksu Prefecture. A total of 717 electricity pylons will be erected on mountainous areas at elevations ranging from 800 to 3,750 meters.

However, the changeable weather and the risk of snowslide have brought a series of difficulties to the construction.

“The main difficulty is that the weather in the mountainous areas is quite changeable. There might be four seasons in a single day, now rainy, now windy and even snowy. So it greatly affects the construction pace,” said Pan Jinzhong, project manager of the third and fourth sections of the power transmission project.

The project is China’s first one that spans glacier area , permafrost zone, no man’s land and high altitude areas. The complex terrain has made the construction much more difficult.

“When we first came here, we had to use horses and even carried some equipment ourselves to the construction site on the mountains because there was no road,” said Pan.

The project is expected to be completed in October this year. More on: http://www.cctvplus.com/news/20160726/8028044.shtml#!language=1

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Experts & Excavators – Hybrid

Kobelco is the original hybrid pioneer of the construction industry and we will launch our first a Hybrid excavator to the European market in 2017. The machine’s innovative design incorporates battery power, and the new model is expected to deliver outstanding fuel consumption.
Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V.
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Kobelco is well-known worldwide as a leading excavator manufacturer. Our machines are well-regarded for their advanced technologies.
Kobelco’s Japanese-built excavators deliver superior fuel efficiency, low noise operation and advanced hydraulics for powerful, high performance.

Get to know all of our products in our product overview, including the conventional models, demolition & recycling models, mini excavators and the SR Series.
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ECR25D Compact Excavator – Volvo Construction Equipment

This powerful Volvo ECR25D mini excavator, short radius excavator boasts strong lifting capabilities as well as breakout and tear out forces that compete with larger machines.

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The Future of Trucking

Imagining the future of the vast trucking industry that will become autonomous in the coming years.
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Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West.

More information on this topic:
The future of trucking: http://tcrn.ch/2f1cx2Z http://bit.ly/2pyRU2K
Tesla’s electric truck: http://bit.ly/2nKwlQi
Platooning: http://bit.ly/2eg8UKi
Truckers discuss the future of trucking: http://bit.ly/2oG2MM9

The semi-truck. Our modern lives are completely dependent on them. Look around you. Every object you see probably traveled on at least one big rig. Here in America, truckers make up 2% of the workforce. But with multiple game-changing technologies converging simultaneously — and the relentlessness of the hyper-competitive global marketplace — the industry will be revolutionized within the next two decades.

This is an examination of the future of trucking.

Before we get into the technology that will turn it all upside-down, we must first understand the way this extremely fragmented industry works now. To the numbers! There are about 3 million drivers for 2.5 million trucks in the US. Those trucks are owned by 532,000 carrier companies, but 90% of these fleets have fewer than six trucks—and half of all carriers are single individuals who own and operate their own rig. Then you have the middlemen, the freight brokers. These 13,000 companies play matchmaker between the manufacturers and wholesalers (who are trying to get their goods to market) and the retailers (who make the final sale to the consumer).

Because this industry is so splintered, there aren’t universal software systems tying it all together. In fact, 67% of shippers don’t use software at all and rely solely on paper records—in 2017!

This creates tremendous inefficiency. When every piece of information has to be communicated through human interactions, drivers are frequently forced to wait hours to book or pick-up a load. And sometimes they just don’t, an estimated 20% of trucks on the road are empty.

To solve these problems, investors are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on startups competing to develop the silver bullet, a software layer that can be used by every segment of the industry.

Another area ripe for modernization is how trucks are powered. Today, medium and heavy duty trucks account for 6% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in America.

To their credit, companies like Walmart are looking to transition to fleets powered by cleaner natural gas, the bridge fuel America has embraced to transition to renewables.

That’s where Tesla comes in. Elon Musk, CEO of the electric car manufacturer, plans to unveil an electric-powered semi-truck in the next six months.

Battery range will be the biggest obstacle to the widespread adoption of electric trucks as Tesla’s pack will probably only have a 200-300 mile range. The other challenge will be having enough charging stations — and enough power available at each station — to support fleets of Tesla trucks.

The Nikola One attempts to overcome these limitations. This gorgeous, hydrogen fuel cell truck will have a range up to 1,200 miles. The young company plans to begin leasing their trucks by 2020 for about $6,000 a month — including the cost of fuel — but it will first need to build a network of about 400 charging stations throughout the country.

Cutting the emissions of semi-trucks is great for the environment, but the real cost-saving opportunity lies in cutting out the drivers.

It’s been more than a year now since six convoys of semi-autonomous “smart” trucks arrived at the Netherlands port city of Rotterdam after leaving factories from as far away as Sweden and Southern Germany.

That experiment relied on a system called platooning, a semi-autonomous feature allowing trucks to find each other, link up, and draft to cut down on wind drag, saving energy—just like in NASCAR or the Tour de France.

And in October, a self-driving truck completed the first commercial shipment by an autonomous vehicle, delivering a load of Budweiser more than 120 miles across Colorado. A human got the truck on the highway and engaged the autonomous system, then climbed out of the driver’s seat. That truck was made by Otto motors, which was recently acquired by Uber.

And dozens of massive, 240-ton trucks are already being used in Australian mines.

So that’s the near-future we’ll see in the next 10 years: fleets of driverless trucks. Some will be designed to be autonomous, while others will have the system installed later. Many will be electric, and nearly all will be connected to efficient networks that are not slowed down by frequent human input.


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