NCX – National Carrier Exchange

NCX provides FREE Fleet Dispatch, Tracking and Management for Truck Carriers — SIGN UP:

The platform enables Carriers to avoid wasting money on GPS tracking equipment, increases your efficiency with FREE real-time tracking and live mapping of all your trucks. Dispatchers can schedule and assign work to all of your drivers, keep a detailed load calendar, and monitor shipments from pickup to delivery with the click of a button. You can even send free Tracking Numbers to clients, saving time and phone calls. Clients now have location awareness on a real time map. At delivery, you get copies of the Signed Bill of Lading free Electronically, allowing you to be sent off to Shippers along with the invoice for the cost of the haul, helping you get paid sooner!


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IoT/Ethereum/IOTA Summer Camp 2017 / PePaDe | Vlogchain – Video. Blockchain. News. – Construction Equipment Financing and leasing

IoT/Ethereum/IOTA Summer Camp 2017 / PePaDe | Vlogchain - Video. Blockchain. News.

Präsentation des Teams PePaDe beim IoT / Ethereum / IOTA Summer Camp 2017 Closing Event am 01. September 2017 in Frankfurt

Hier findet ihr mehr Informationen zum Event:–iot-ethereum-iota-summer-camp-36286464793

Falls ihr die Veranstalter direkt kontaktieren wollt:
Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Folgende Projekte wurden auf dem Closing Event vorgestellt (alphabetisch): BountyBoard, DecentScience, DemandChain, DroneChain, EnerGYisLANDs, EnvironX, FarmChain, FlexChain, PalletSwap,, Pay2Pour, PeakOn, PePaDe, SmartCredit

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Ethereum: Blockchains, Digital Assets, Smart Contracts, DAOs
Future Crimes


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Small Business News Headlines

Yes You Can Start Your Online Business Without Money in the Bank – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Yes You Can Start Your Online Business Without Money in the Bank:

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Small Business News Headlines

Starting a Business What Business Gurus Do Not Tell You – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Starting a Business What Business Gurus Do Not Tell You

How To Create Video Work Shop – this will be in a live workshop and recording will be made available to people who can’t come. NOV 18th 2017 Onsite Training Sign up here -

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Take time before you start dropping videos – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Take time before you start dropping videos

trucker brown does daily live feeds to show is trucking exp . vlogging my life is hard but i love it . most trucker youtubber do not drop everyday

TB shirts

You can donate threw pay pal for equipment

TB shirts

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Cheap Hauling and Dumpsters Rentals 727-498-2458 Feather Sound Clearwater Ozona Florida – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing – Cheap Hauling and Dumpsters Rentals 727-498-2458 Feather Sound Clearwater Ozona Florida.

Dumpster rentals from Done Rite Hauling can make large Do-It-Yourself trash and junk removal jobs like disposal of construction debris, renovation clean ups and estate foreclosure clean outs FAST and EASY!. We have been offering the DIY guy very affordable dumpster rental services since 2001. If the job gets too much, our crews are ready and eager to help!

Done Rite Hauling’s clients include thousands of homeowners, commercial property managers, home improvement contractors, and others that needed a temporary, durable trash receptacle. We will arrange prompt drop-off and pickup to accommodate your schedule, and needs. Whether you need a roll-off dumpster rental for a renovation project or a dumpster rental to help you clear accumulated clutter from your garage, back yard or rental property, we have the right size dumpsters and trailers for the job!

Renting dumpsters from Done Rite Hauling Services of Tampa Bay allows you the choice of several different sizes of containers to rent. Here’s a list of the most common sizes we deliver, along with photos to the right.

10 Yard Dumpsters
12′ Long x 6′ Wide x 4′ Tall
12 Yard Containers
12′ Long x 6′ Wide (At Bottom), 8′ Wide (At Top) x 4′ Tall
27 Yard Trailers
14′ Long x 7′ Wide x 7 1/2′ Tall

Here is a list of things Done Rite Hauling and junk removal services provides as well as items our company hauls away…
Apartment Cleanouts
Appliance Removal and Hauled Away
Attic Cleanout
Backyard Clean ups
Basement Junk Removal
Bathroom Remodeling Debris
Bobcat Work
Brick Pavers Removed and Recycled
Building Clean outs
Carpet Tear Outs and Removal
Carport Clutter Cleaning
Clutter Removal Services
Commercial Property Cleanout
Concrete / Asphalt Removal
Construction Debris Taken Away
Couches / Sofas Disposed Of
Debris Removal
Decks Removed
Driveways Removed
Drywall / Sheetrock Haul Away
Estates Cleaned out
Estate Sale Left-overs Hauled & Donated
Fences Tearing Down and Removing
Foreclosure Property Clean Outs
Furniture Disposal
Garbage Removal
Garage Clean out
Hoarder Junk Removal
Hotel Renovation Clean Ups
Hot Tubs Removed and Hauled Away
Household Junk Hauling
Kitchen Cabinets and Remodeling Fixtures
Mattresses Disposed Of
Office Clean out
Office Equipment Cleared Out
Pallets Removed for Recycling
Patio Clean Ups
Patio Furniture Taken Away
Piano Removal
Plant Matter / Brush / Limbs Removed
Playground Equipment Removal
Property Management Cleanout
Real Estate Clean Outs and Junk Removal
Renovation Left-Overs Dispensed Of
Roofing Material Shingles Hauled Away
Shelving Dismantled and Removed
Storm Damage Clean Ups
Storage Units Cleared
Storage Shed Demolition / Removals
Swing Sets Tearing Down/Removing
Swimming Pool Removals (Above Ground)
Tile Floor Materials Dumping
Trash Haul Aways
Tree Limbs Cut and Disposed Of
Toilets/Bath Tubs/Showers Hauled
Wood Floor Remnants Removal
Yard Debris Removal
Yard Sale Left Overs Taken Away

Dumpster Rental Services in Pinellas – St Petersburg – Tampa Bay / Palm Harbor Containers Dropped off and Pick Ups / 10 Yd Capacity Trash Receptacles Rentals Seminole Florida / Recycling Trailers / 12 Yard Roll Off Dumpster Rentals / Property Cleanouts / Clean out Garages – Foreclosed Houses – Residential or Commercial Property / Clean Up Yards / Removal of Tree Limbs Brush Piles / Swimming Pools Dismantled and Taken Down / Trash Removal / Furniture and Appliance Haul Away Companies South Tampa / Junk Removal Olsmar / Largo Bobcat Services Company Garbage Removal / Trash Haulers in Dunedin / Foreclosure Trash Outs Pinellas Park / Junk Hauling West Chase / Green Property Preservation Seminole / Spring Cleaning Labor Crews in Redington Beach/ Hauling junk removal Businesses servicing Beaches / Post Construction – Remodeling Debris Taken Away from Mobile Home Parks / Hoarder Cleanups 33771 / Cleaning Construction Sights Pinellas County / Contractors Job Sites Cleaning Pinellas – Pasco – Hillsborogh Counties in Tampa Bay Area Florida


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Titan Crane NZ 350ton build time lapse AVS – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Titan Crane NZ 350ton build time lapse AVS

Time Lapse Footage of Titan Crane NZ building the Liebherr LTM1350 with y guy and luffing fly in Johnston Street, Wellington. Filming started at 4am and by 11am they were ready to lift the boom.
We have shrunk this 7 hours of video down to just 2 minutes so you can see just how many men hours and support vehicles it takes to build one of New Zealand’s biggest engineering tools.


#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans

How To Pick An “Up & Coming” Neighborhood – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

How To Pick An "Up & Coming" Neighborhood

Question: “My husband and I would like to purchase a townhouse in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan that we can pick up at a discounted price at is part of a portfolio that our business partners are buying. It needs renovations. (3500 sft single family brownstone) We have two boutique hotels and have been in business roughly a year. Obviously the hotel business is going very good in NYC and our part of the profits are approx. $500k. We have no loans or any other debt and the purchase price will be about 1.8 mil renovations. What would be a good lender that you can recommend for our scenario?”

To ask a question – email charles[at]

Botensten Properties International is a real estate brokerage practicing in New York City. We specialize in residential, commercial, new development, and investing in apartments, townhouses, and new construction.

To learn more, visit or follow socially…


Music by:

Camera (Canon 70D with 18-135mm Lens):
Microphone (Rode Mic Pro):
Stand (Dolica):


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Canada First Excellence Research Fund – press conference – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

McGill University will launch an ambitious effort to advance understanding of the human brain and ease the burden of neurological and mental-health disorders, thanks to an $84 million, seven-year grant announced today under the federal government’s Canada First Excellence Research Fund (CFREF). Totaling over $213 million across three institutions – Montreal will be one of the most exciting and vibrant places to work, study and research in Canada over the next decade and far into the future.

Funding from CFREF for McGill’s “Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives” (HBHL) initiative is the next and very important step in our journey toward transforming many brain disorders from terminal or lifelong afflictions to treatable – even curable – conditions. HBHL will be working in partnership with the BrainsCAN Initiative at the University of Western Ontario, also funded by CFREF. Taken together, these two research programs represent $150 million in funding for Canadian neuroscience.

Read more:


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1976 John Deere 4430 tractor for sale | no-reserve Internet auction June 8, 2016 – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing
Ag Equipment Auction
This asset is for sale in an absolute, no-reserve Internet auction by Purple Wave on June 8, 2016
View a detailed listing of this item and place bids at

1976 John Deere 4430 tractor
1,285 hours on meter
John Deere six cylinder diesel engine
Quad-Range transmission
16F-6R gears
AC and heat
AC needs charged
Suspension seat
John Deere 158 loader
86″W bucket
Three point
540/1000 PTO
(2) rear hydraulic remote sets
10.00-16 front tires
18.4-38 rear tires
CD player and speakers not included, AM/FM radio and stock speakers included
Dead battery
Serial 4430H062180R

Flying L Ranch
Ponca City, OK 74601

Questions, inspection and removal

View all items at this location

Item location address: This item is located near Ponca City, OK

Item-specific questions: For information related to this specific item, please contact Keith at 316.640.7963.

Auction questions: For information related to auction-specific issues, such as terms, shipping availability, payment or Internet bidding, please contact Purple Wave at or 866.608.9283.

Inspections: For information about inspecting this item, please contact Keith at 316.640.7963. Inspection times are by appointment only.

Removal: For information about item removal, please contact Keith at 316.640.7963. Removal times are by appointment only. Buyer is responsible for all loadout arrangements.

Removal timeline: Unless other removal arrangements are made with the removal contact within 48 hours from the end of the auction, fees for failing to timely remove items won may be assessed under the auction terms and conditions. All items must be removed by Wednesday, June 22. Items not removed by Wednesday, June 22 will be subject to penalty up to and included additional storage and administration fees and item forfeiture.

Buyer’s premium
A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to all winning bids, resulting in the total purchase price, exclusive of any applicable sales taxes, owed by the winning bidder. The buyer’s premium will be included in the price against which applicable sales taxes are calculated.

No reserve
This item will sell without reserve to the highest bidder.

It’s located in Ponca City, OK, and we’re selling it to the highest bidder regardless of price.


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Economics of Dependence on Foreign Oil – Rising Gasoline Prices – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Economics of Dependence on Foreign Oil – Rising Gasoline Prices – Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming – 2007-05-09 – AS PRICES BREAK RECORDS, PERSONAL STORIES FROM BUSINESSPEOPLE, FARMERS, BUS DRIVERS REVEAL ECONOMIC TOLL OF AMERICA’S OIL DEPENDENCE. WITNESS TESTIMONY: Sylvia Estes, Pipeline and Industrial Group, Virginia Beach, VA; Michael Mitternight, Factory Service Agency, Metairie, LA; Terry Thomas, President and CEO, Community Bus Services Inc., Youngstown, OH; Donn Teske, Farmer and President, Kansas Farmers Union, McPherson, KS; John Felmy, Chief Economist, American Petroleum Institute. Video provided by the U.S. House of Representatives.


#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans

Desert Tan Black Out Off Road Trailer | Bug Out Trailer | Camp Lite Trailer – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Best Offer today, click the link for buy this item :

New 2017 Cargo Craft Off Road 6×14 Enclosed Cargo Trailer for sale. Trailer is equipped with a 3500lb. Torsion Axle, 32 inch Mud Terrain Tires, 6 foot 6 inch interior height, extended hitch, removable coupler, 4 LED exterior load lights on each side with interior wall switches, front generator platform, black out package (includes all black diamond plate rock guard, black diamond plate fenders, black RV lock, black cam bars, black side vents), stabilizer jacks, rear ramp door with spring assist close, side door with RV lock and gutter, full length E track on walls, Rubber coin floor, swivel jack stand, 2 – 15×24 slider windows with screens, aluminum wall and ceiling liner, insulated walls and ceiling, Maxx Air roof vent, 2 LED interior lights with wall switch, 5×6 Aluminum roof rack with ladder, slim Mach 8 A/C unit with heat strip, 30 amp power package with 4 interior outlets and 1 exterior GFI outlet, 2 overhead 4 foot fluorescent lights, and a 3 year factory warranty.

Dealer Stock #13364
Year: 2017
Make: Cargo Craft
Model: 6×14
Color: matte gray with black out
Weight: 1500lbs.

Give us a call – we would like to earn your business! 303-688-8485

Don’t see exactly what your looking for? Go to to view our 200 Trailers in Stock at our 1 easy location. Located in Castle Rock next to Medved.

We offer financing! Get great rates from Sheffield Financial – 4.99% for 48 months with approved credit. We also have a secondary lender Springleaf Financial – easy approval process and terms. To apply for financing go to and go to our FINANCING TAB.

Colorado Trailers, Inc. is a new and used trailer dealer located in Castle Rock Colorado.
Easy I-25 location next to Medved. Exit 181 Castle Rock. We specialize in all trailers for sale in Colorado including cargo trailers for sale, enclosed trailers for sale, dump trailers for sale, flatbed trailers for sale, auto trailers, horse and stock trailers, and utility trailers, car trailers for sale, ATV trailers, RZR trailers, side by side trailers, construction trailers for sale, landscape trailers for sale, alpaca trailers, tiny home trailers, off road trailers, jeep trailers, office trailers, and equipment trailers for sale. Check out our customer reviews and see why our customers say we are the best trailer dealer in Colorado! No hassle, just friendly knowledgeable service. Quality trailers for sale and a great price! We service all of Colorado including Castle Rock Trailers, Parker Trailers, Denver Trailers, Colorado Springs trailers, Pueblo Trailers, and Ft. Collins Trailers. Our brands include CM, Load Trail, Cargo Craft, Cargo Pro, Sure Trac, Echo, Haulmark, and Sundowner.


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Girardin bus Canada | 2008 Chevrolet Girardin G3500 Express Non-CDL MFSAB Activity Bus – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing – Girardin bus Canada | 2008 Chevrolet Girardin G3500 Express Non-CDL MFSAB Activity Bus

Benefits of studying your body of the girardin bus canada on the market

Even though framework of used Bluebird bus or any other make of bus signifies its life span. Paying more focus on its body continues to be vital. For instance, when you choose to buy a used small traveler bus on the market, you want your it to be as fresh as you possibly can. Yet, a lot more essential is the fact what sort of body of the bus will endure when contemplating the safe practices of the individuals. Analyzing your body of your suggested bus for corrosion, corrosion, stable floor, and safe steps. Will help you to choose the general protection of the bus. Whilst offering as an indication of the endurance of the automobile.

Buy brief bus on the market for your daily, each week group transport with easy and style. Brief buses are easy to operate a vehicle, maneuver, maintain & very reasonable.
Know the hazards involved with buying a tiny bus on the market used

When you choose to buy a second-hand bus, whether it’s a gas or a diesel bus, it consists of some sorts of risk. Things may bind to are unsuccessful that a lot of likely are no more under guarantee. Along with the elements of the bus can be difficult to acquire. Since some bus manufacturers may have left the business enterprise. But, investigating the annals & condition of the bus requires a standard maintenance program. As it could help you in getting the most from your investment in buying a second-hand bus.

Price of girardin bus canada

Costing is another major factor to consider when you buy Brief Bus. You could opt for a few affordable funding options proposed by different finance institutions. Or get financed by your own seller to buy a bus or a tiny passenger bus. Also, while bargaining costs ensure that the model and label of the chassis. Aswell as your body are reliable and affordable.

How will you protect your investment in buying a used bus?

If you wish to buy Brief Bus, you have to get ways to safeguard your money allocated to purchasing the vehicle. The principal one of those ways is you need to change the essential fluids twice each year, particularly the essential oil. The wonderful way to check on the petrol is by using a dipstick, which must be good before and following the working of your bus. This may give you a solid alert of what may be approaching or taking place.

Next, it is best to handle the comprehensive kind of inspection. Laid down by the Division of Transfer in a state.

Finally, make your used small bus on the market an integral part of a customary maintenance program. You are able to do this by pursuing all the initial manufacturer’s instructions. This is actually the most effective tool to make sure the security of your bus and its own upcoming performance.

Buy girardin bus canada
Buy Used Brief Buses ON THE MARKET that gives your riders soft and luxurious drive on long journeys.

New advancements in the look of the bus and its own equipment have directed the old ideas away. Such posts are standard and are notSory. Hence you’ll need to invest at least a tiny sum of money and time and energy to update the gear. Which includes auto tires and mirrors, in your girardin bus canada on the market.

girardin bus canada, KGN7


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modern heavy equipment, new modern wood cutting machine compilation in the world | He No – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing



#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans