Crash Bandicoot – N. Sane Trilogy – 100% Walkthrough, Part 21: Heavy Machinery (Gem)

Level itself isn’t too bad, but then there’s the goddamn Brio stage. Possibly the worst of the bunch. The regular bonus stage is kinda annoying too. Never been a fan of crate bridges. With the gem from this level, we pass 50%.

Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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Etec 888 High Reach Demolition CSR Sloopwerken

Etec 888 High Reach Demolition excavator from CSR Sloopwerken, the Netherlands ( . It is demolishing a office building called: Hege Hus in Leeuwarden. The machine has a working height of 35m and weight of apr. 90 tonnes


Gopher Guts

The Filthy Whore gets a Rock Chuck in the fan and covers Matt in guts, Then the downshift solinoid decides to only work sometimes so we try fixing it and it works until it gets hot then quits again so we buy new ones and problem solved, then Jeff runs the scraper off the dike, stay tuned, next time we’ll have some drone footage of the whole job and I fly it from the seat of a D9.

Now here is an article by Jared Runcorn on Used Construction Equipment Information
Caterpillar heavy equipment is probably one of the best known of all construction machines. Buying used construction machinery is a cost effective way of building up your fleet of machines without having to spend your entire operating budget to do it. New machines cost a lot and in some cases can actually be twice the price of a good and reliable machine. If you are just starting your contracting operation you have a choice: buy two of the machines that you need from a reliable and reputable used construction machinery dealer or buy one new machine and then wait until the budget will allow a second purchase.

In addition to Caterpillar, there are other brands including Komatsu construction equipment, Kobel Company construction machinery, Ingersoll Rand construction equipment and Blaw Knox Construction equipment. Within each brand, there are different lines, different machines and different sizes, so make sure that you are buying the right one for your businesses needs. For most contractors, using the smallest size machine for the job is far more cost efficient than pulling out the biggest machine on the lot. However, for the bigger sized jobs, then the bigger machines have to be considered. The machine type should be matched to the job at hand.

Used construction equipment is typically a good choice because they last such a long time, but that does not mean that you should just randomly buy without thorough research and without cost comparison shopping. Any machine that you are about to purchase should be inspected for condition, and considered for use. Know which type of machine that you will be using most often and which ones that you can do without until you are better established.

If you can afford to buy new construction equipment, you have to ask if the additional cost is really worth it if a used piece will work just as hard, last just as long and will be more cost effective in the long run. While it is a personal choice, it should be thought out carefully from all angles before committing. In addition, there are some contractors that are hung up on a particular name brand of construction equipment while others may have a selection of different types that they are equally happy with. In the end, it is not the name brand that is important, but the work that can be accomplished with the heavy equipment that matters.

Another option when considering your used construction equipment needs is the machines that can be adapted by using attachments of different types. For instance, a skid steer can be used in a number of applications if you use the different attachments. The skid steer comes in a variety of sizes and styles and can use attachments that range from pallet forks to snow blades, stump grinders and others. Whatever you might need in the small to medium heavy equipment range can be fulfilled with the skid steer and the right attachment.

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ALL Crane Adds Two Manitowoc MLC650s, Four Grove GRT8100s

The ALL Family of Companies has strengthened its fleet by adding two versatile and popular Manitowoc MLC650 crawler cranes, as well as four new Grove GRT8100 rough terrain cranes. The large capacity MLC650 has a 717 USt capacity and features the Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) technology that automatically positions the crane's counterweight to match lifting demands….

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Turkuaz Machinery – the corporate video about company

Turkuaz Machinery LLC is the official dealer of the leading world producers of mining, construction, cargo, oil and gas producing, agricultural and other types of machinery.


Jaguar Castle Bromwich Plant Factory Footage

Plant Name:Castle Bromwich Manufacturing Facility
City:Castle Vale
State:Birmingham, B35 7RA

Current Total Employment:approx 2000 Hourly: Salaried

Current Products:XJ, XK, XF Year Opened:1980

Site Size in Acres:93
Site Size in Square Feet:1.4 mill

Product History: .

1938: May: Lord Nuffield, the maker of Morris cars, agrees with Air Minister Sir Kingsley Wood to build a factory at Castle Bromwich to mass-produce Spitfire aircraft. 15 July: Start of construction.

1940: May: The new Minister for Aircraft Production Lord Beaverbrook takes over the factory from the Nuffield Organization and puts Vickers Armstrong in charge. June: The first Spitfire is delivered and test-flown by Alex Henshaw.

1943: May: The 5000th Spitfire is produced. October: Castle Bromwich delivers its first Lancaster bomber.

1945: December: Aircraft production ceases after 11,780 Spitfires and 305 Lancasters have been made.

1946: 31 March: The aircraft factory is officially closed.

1946-47: The Castle Bromwich factory is taken over by the Birmingham company Fisher & Ludlow (itself founded in 1849) for making all-steel bodies for cars, mostly for Standard and Morris. They also make Bendix washing machines.

1953: Fisher & Ludlow is taken over by BMC (British Motor Corporation), a company formed by the merger of Austin and Morris. Castle Bromwich now mostly produces bodies for the Austin factory at Longbridge.

1954-61: Castle Bromwich makes the bodies for the Austin-engined Nash Metropolitan sold in the USA. Among other products is the Austin Champ military vehicle.

1965: BMC takes over the Pressed Steel Company at Cowley, Jaguar’s body supplier. PSC is later merged with Fisher & Ludlow to become Pressed Steel Fisher.

1966: BMC merges with Jaguar, and the company becomes BMH (British Motor Holdings).

1968: BMH merges with Leyland and becomes British Leyland. From now on, Castle Bromwich increasingly supplies car bodies to other BL factories across the Midlands, including Rover, Triumph and Jaguar, as well as Mini bodies for Longbridge.

1975: Castle Bromwich supplies the bodies for the new Jaguar XJ-S.

1980: 28 July: Jaguar takes full control of body assembly and paint operations at Castle Bromwich which becomes a dedicated Jaguar plant.

1984: Jaguar, including the Castle Bromwich factory, is privatized from British Leyland.

1998-99: Introduction of the S-type, the first Jaguar car to be fully assembled at Castle Bromwich.

2005: 1 July: Car assembly at Jaguar’s Browns Lane factory in Coventry comes to an end, and production of the XJ model is transferred to Castle Bromwich. December: Start of production of the new XK.

2007: November: The new XF goes into production at Castle Bromwich.


My first attempt at operating a 1972 Hymac 580C

I grew up at the end of an era in the heavy equipment industry in the UK . The old dominant excavator manufacturers who had barely innovated since the 60’s were brushed aside in the 1980’s by Japanese machinery that was light years ahead in quality and reliability.

Construction sites that had been the territory of Priestman’s , JCB’S and Hymac’s as well other manufacturers such as Ford, massey Ferguson and some machines from the continent, were now being slowly pushed out by Hitachi’s, Mitsubishi’s and Komatsu’s.

I’ve never had the opportunity to experience what I missed. The first excavator I operated was a Hitachi EX120-1 in 1990. It was pretty much the same as todays models minus the complicated electronics and eco technology. To think that the dinosaur that was the Hymac 580C was still rolling out of the factory only 5 years before the Hitachi EX120 came on the scene is insane. Going from a 580C to a Hitachi EX120 is like going from a Nokia 5110 to an iphone!


Evans Equipment – D11R Rebuild Video

D11R carrier dozer frame built as standard D11R with standard U-Blade.

Evans Equipment, Inc. specializes in rebuilding Caterpillar mining and heavy construction equipment.

For a list of all of our models and machines, visit our website at

If you have any addition questions, please call us at (660) 463-2204 or email us at


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Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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