Caterpillar 930 Wheel Loader | FleetRight Online Heavy Equipment Marketplace | Lincoln, NE

1976 Caterpillar 930 Wheel Loader For Sale | FleetRight Online Heavy Equipment Marketplace

Unit located in Lincoln, NE

3,798 Hours; Q/C 96 in. Balderson bkt, cab, 17.5R25, CAT 3304


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Construction News – Deep Foundations Keeps TBMs Crawling on Transit Project

To say that Deep Foundations Contractors (deep) was drilling in a confined space within an extraction shaft on the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit Project (Crosstown) would be an understatement. It was the first of many challenges the firm would overcome while working above and below the buzzing streets of Midtown Toronto, Canada….

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ROD OKs UDOT Plan for West Davis

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on Oct. 3 released the Record of Decision (ROD) for the West Davis Corridor. The ROD is the final step in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process. The ROD approves UDOT's preferred alternative for a new 19-mi….

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JCB Unveils 210T, 215T Compact Track Loaders

JCB launched its 210T and 215T compact track loaders, offering the power and performance of large-platform compact track loaders in small-platform, easily towable machines weighing less than 10,000 lb. (4,536 kg)The 210T and the 215T are powered by the 74 hp (55 kW) JCB Diesel by Kohler engine, requiring no DPF and no DEF….

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Construction Barges

Construction Barges

Bridge construction, concrete/foundation construction: Two transportable compartment barges provide working platform for heavy equipment constructing foundation and structure for concrete bridge. Far barge supports Genie hydraulic telescoping boom man lift/ work platform. Near barge supports Terex HC80 crawler based open web truss boom cable crane. Barges are anchored by piles driven shallow distance into river bed. Dixboro Road Bridge over Huron River, Ann Arbor, Michigan 2005.

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Vermeer Navigator HDD Simulator Delivers Cost-Effective Training

The Vermeer Navigator HDD simulator gives utility companies and contractors a cost-effective way of training crew members for operating a horizontal directional drilling rig. The virtual hands-on simulator delivers the realistic experience of sitting behind the controls of a Vermeer horizontal directional drill using standard controls and an authentic Vermeer Navigator HDD seat….

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Ultimate Garage Build for Detailers

The Ultimate Garage Build for Detailers took approximately 2 months to complete. This is my home garage and I wanted to clean it up a bit so I can work and test products in a comfortable space. Checkout how much work was done: Removing lolly columns, sanding floors, painting, taping, sheet rock, electrical, compressor, cabinets, hot water lines, and so on… Hope you enjoy! -L

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Sandbagging Equipment Fills Sandbags at an Amazing Rate

This innovative attachment quickly fills, transports, securely closes and places multiple sandbags where they are needed. Ideal for flood control, erosion control, pipeline construction, or any use where the bagging of materials is needed. Capable of 4,800-6,240 bags in 8 hours with only 3 people.

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Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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Demolition Under Way on Iconic Phoenix Trotting Park

Demolition work on a stadium that has been part of the Phoenix, Ariz., landscape for more than 50 years is nearly complete. Major demolition of the concrete structure began on Sept. 27 and it will take a few months to remove the 20,000 tons of rubble. Before the structure could be knocked down, crews were on site of the Phoenix Trotting Park removing 256,397 sq….

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Heavy equipment operator school in California-UNIQUE BONUS

Cost or investment? In this video, I perform a bucket skill (760)240-3045 Mr.Casey taught me in two months.
I operate a Backhoe equipped with a dipstick doing a fanning with a rock. You will need it this skill to dig trenches flat on the bottom, or a constructor will kick your butt, lol.
I mean he pays you a wage and expects a certain level of quality the job you do for him. Becuase if you don’t dig a horizontal trench for a pipe or a conduit. The crew that will install that pipe later will struggle to level it. You most likely will be a part of that team as I was.

I dug trenches with a flat bottom.Becuase I had knowledge how to do it the right way. It is important to understand such things before you do the job you signed up.

Keep your employer happy, and he should take care about your career. My personal suggestion to all of you who wants to start a career in HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL IN CA, is to keep additional costs to the constructor to a minimum.

Don’t burn fuel you don’t need to or skip greasing the equipment periodically. When you stack up such small things at the end of the month, your employer will see some savings on the balance sheet.

Part of that amount could be your bonus!

In the end, this skill requires great manual dexterity and excellent coordination.

But don’t worry I did not have skills to operate a backhoe and many others piece for equipment.

When I searched for HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA I applied to Mr.Casy school and had no regret.

Yes, I spent a lot of time looking for a government accredited training school like you are doing now.

Yes, I did not have all funds to pay for tuition, so he offered me a small student loan. I am glad I took his training!

Yes, I did not speak English when I came to the US, Yes I don’t have a US BS, MS degree who cares. We all have to start somewhere to build our life.Becuase no one will do it for us.

The instructor passed that knowledge to my brain how to run it like you see in the video.

If I could why, you couldn’t?

Mr.Casey has an extraordinary passion for passing his knowledge to other students. In my case, I picked up a job after training over and started my career in a construction company and then moved to another state.

Don’t forget to ask for the UNIQUE BONUS he offers now that wasn’t available to me

Opportunity is where you find it right!

Feel free to ask me questions or if you are still not sure what California Heavy equipment operator school to choose if you want to be a Certified Heavy Equipment Operator in California and nationwide.

I will do my best to check comments and respond as soon as I could. Here is my certificate link

My G+


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BIGGEST Sawmill Machine Cutting HUGE Stone – Heavy Equipment Stone Machinery Working Pro

BIGGEST Sawmill Machine Cutting HUGE Stone – Heavy Equipment Stone Machinery Working Pro
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