How to Help Haiti? Buy Coffee! – #Weatherchannel #news and #videos

How to Help Haiti? Buy Coffee!

If you are a coffee drinker, one of the easiest ways to help post-earthquake Haiti is to purchase Haitian coffee. Unlike other crops, growing coffee does not promote deforestation.

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Forecasting The End: Slow Motion Global Disaster – #Weatherchannel #news and #videos

Forecasting The End: Slow Motion Global Disaster

If a rogue planet should change the Earth’s orbit around the sun, it would have a dramatic impact on the planet. See more on Forecasting the End Thursday at 9pm only on The Weather Channel.

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The Impacts of Storm Surge – #Weatherchannel #news and #videos

As Tropical Depression 9 approaches, Florida is preparing for storm surge. Stephanie Abrams floods the studio to take a 3D look at the impacts of storm surge.

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Deadly Tuscaloosa Tornado – #Weatherchannel #news and #videos

As a deadly tornado took aim on their home in Tuscaloosa, AL in April 2011, a group of friends took cover in a closet. See more on Tornado 360 premiering Monday April 29th at 9pm ET.

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Baby Born DURING EF-5 Tornado – #Weatherchannel #news and #videos

May 20, 2013 will be a day everyone in Moore, OK will remember, after a deadly EF-5 tornado hit the town. For one family that date holds another very special meaning.

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ALERT NEWS Today’s Weather , Incredible Plasma Dance Coronal Cavity

by our friend Suspicious0bservers
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Weather & Radar – The Best App For The Weather In India

Hourly weather forecasts. Rainfall radar and satellite map.

Whatever your plans, and wherever you are, stay one step ahead with the Weather & Radar App. Enjoy rainfall radar and satellite maps across the world!

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All the weather information at a glance or directly in your status bar. Fast, simple and free of charge. A weather forecast app, which accurately depicts the current weather and the emerging pattern. Severe Weather Warnings.

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Hour by hour weather forecasts, 14-day forecasts are included. A detailed world view is also offered.

We also offer weather widgets with live backgrounds, which you can scale according to your own preference. The perfect weather widget for android smartphones!

As soon as the app is launched, it shows the current weather in your location together with a radar image and weather forecasts. You can immediately see whether it is rainy, stormy or sunny outside. Swiping the screen youu can see the weather forecast for the hours and days ahead.

Thanks to the user-friendly search function, you can easily find any location worldwide and add it to your Favourites (My Locations). This feature shows you the weather in multiple locations at one glance. Clicking on the radar image enlarges it to Full Screen. A direct link allows you to share all the information in the app via Facebook and other social networks.
Playing the loop shows you where clouds and rain are headed, where the sun is shining and where storms are active.

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UB: Weather update as of 6:06 a.m. (August 25, 2017)

Unang Balita is the news segment of GMA Network’s daily morning program, Unang Hirit. It’s anchored by Rhea Santos and Arnold Clavio, and airs on GMA-7 Mondays to Fridays at 5:15 AM (PHL Time). For more videos from Unang Balita, visit

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Hurricane Harvey Coverage LIVE on CBSN

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