Tb & lo trucking show ( tired of some of these YouTube truckers) – Construction Equipment Financing and leasing

Tb & lo trucking show ( tired of some of these YouTube truckers)

trucker brown does daily live feeds to show is trucking exp . vlogging my life is hard but i love it . most trucker youtubber do not drop everyday

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TB shirts

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Bitcoin Mining Results July 2017 W2 | Bitcoin Mining Contract Profit – Construction Equipment Financing and leasing

Bitcoin Mining Results July 2017 W2 | Bitcoin Mining Contract Profit

Bitcoin mining results July 2017 week 2: my bitcoin mining contract profits. The bitcoin price has plumetted, but I’m still mining a decent amount of bitcoins daily, I’m holding on to them for now. Bitcoin mining is still profitable!
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Left Left Up: Algorithms, eSports, Bitcoin – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Left Left Up: Algorithms, eSports, Bitcoin

Catch-up with recent tech / gaming news from a political perspective!

This month: Google Algorithms, Bitcoin, ‘Games For The Many’, Apple, Esports and much more!

Some resources:
‘A Call for Time-based Economics’: https://medium.com/@marijamdid/a-call-for-time-based-economics-faf1e482e11b

Special Effect Website: http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/
Special Effect YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0B9mlVoZtsFV4RPOGDYQXw

Games For The Many Website: https://gamesforthemany.org/
Games For The Many upcoming political game jam: https://www.facebook.com/events/535990003406555/?ref=br_rs

On China’s Tech Manufacturing Labour Struggles: http://www.kellogg.ox.ac.uk/discover/news/dying-for-an-iphone-the-lives-of-chinese-workers/

‘Left Left Up’ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LeftLeftUp#


The UK is facing an economic crisis, falling living standards, a climate crisis, the rise of the far-right. More than ever, we need a resilient Left. This means we need a strong Left media, capable of thinking honestly about the issues facing us, tackling these issues head-on, as well as reaching out to those who aren’t yet on side. Our wide range of output – from listicles to essays, from punchy videos to in-depth discussions – does exactly that.

But all this costs money: studio rent, equipment, contributor fees and digital infrastructure. We do a lot with a little, but we can’t do anything with nothing. We won’t charge for content or cash in on sponsorship deals with Pepsi. We don’t have private fortunes, or state backers, or big capital behind us – we just have you.

Not everyone can afford to give – but if you enjoy our work, and you believe in what we’re doing, maybe you could forego a couple of your preferred beverages this month and lend us a hand instead. In the longer term, growing our regular subscriber base will allow us to meet the future well-prepared – so if you can spare a few quid a month, why not sign up for a regular subscription?

We’ve achieved so much already – but the truth is, we’ve barely begun. Be a part of the change. Help us build a new media for a different politics.


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2010 FREIGHTLINER BUSINESS CLASS M2 106 (#5789) – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing


2010 Freightliner M2 106 Crew Cab – Service and Crane Truck – Cummins 7.3 Litre @ 240 HP – Allison RDS 2200 Transmission – Liftmore Crane 2700# Capacity – Miller AirPak Welder/Compressor – Waltco Liftgate – Only 29,266 Miles – Delivery Available – Call Doug Stanley 888-516-3345 or after hours 937-430-4093. Visit our website to see more inventory – stanleystrucksales.net


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Metal industry steel transfer trolley on rails and tracks for heavy load – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Metal industry steel transfer trolley on rails and tracks for heavy load

See more information: http://www.chinatransfercar.com

Contact us if you have any need
Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Rm. 701, Dongfangmingzhu, Northwest Of Crossing 
Of Jinsui Road And Xinzhong Road
T:0086-0373-3020116   F:0086-0373-3020456


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How to Make a Journal Entry in Hindi – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

In this video, you will learn the steps to make a journal entry in my simple Hindi. If you want to get online coaching of any accounting subject from me, you can register yourself in my online online coaching institute. After registration, I will teach step by step for solving your accounting subject’s problems or you can do online basic accounting course. For knowing more detail of registration in my online coaching institute, please call me on my mobile no. 9356234925 (in India) and +91-9356234925 (outside India) or email on vinod@svtuition.org

you can also buy my written “Journal Entries Made Easy eBook” at my online store http://store.svtuition.org/2015/11/journal-entries-ebook.html


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Latest Technology Machines Modern Agriculture Machines compilation – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Latest Technology Machines, New Modern Agriculture Machines compilation 2017
Most amazing and smart farming equipment, modern agriculture equipment, The modern agriculture technology, smart farming technology 2016, here is the best agriculture machine, we are combine such as: watermelon harvesting machine, apple picking machine, pepper robot harvest, cauliflower harvesting machine, harvesting potatoes, new invention of farming equipment compilation, modern agriculture technology, agriculture equipment, agricultural revolution, modern farming technology, amazing agriculture technology, agriculture technology machines, modern agriculture documentary, biggest tractor in the world in action, agriculture equipment, modern farming technology,amazing agriculture technology, modern farming technology,modern farming machines, modern farming equipment, modern agricultural equipment, modern agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery crazy tractor, agricultural engineering


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Mesothelioma Asbestos Lawyer Union City California – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Questions about an Asbestos Lawsuit? Call Now 1-844-207-4044
You may be entitled to financial compensation. Watch the video or check the occupations below to see if you may have been at risk of Mesothelioma through Asbestos exposure.
Occupations at risk of exposure to Asbestos:
Aircraft Mechanic
Auto Mechanics
Brick and Stone Masons
Bulldozer Operators
Cabinet makers
Chemical Technicians
Construction Workers
Crane Operators
Drill Press Operators
Drywall Tapers
Electric Power Linemen
Forge Men
Freight and Material Handlers
Furnace/Smelter Operators
Grinding Machine Operators
Heavy Equipment Mechanics
Home Inspectors
Household Appliance Installers
HVAC Workers
Industrial Plant Workers
Iron Workers
Merchant Marines
Metal Lathers
Mixing Operators
Oil Refinery Workers
Power Plant Workers
Railroad Workers
Road Machine Operators
Sailors and Deckhands
Sheet Metal Workers
Shipyard Workers
Structural Metal Craftsmen
Telephone Repairmen
Textile Operator
Tile Setters

#mesothelioma attorney
#mesothelioma lawyer


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Factoring – A vital source of capital for small business growth – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Learn more about non-recourse account receivable factoring which can be a valuable funding source for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) in need of working capital which do not qualify for traditional bank financing but have quality accounts receivable on their balance sheets.


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Quick Tip For BOOTH RENTAL Stylists – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

How do you track your success if you are a Single Stylist Salon or a Booth Renter? Is it Important to do this? These are questions I get all the time and my answer is: It’s just as important for individual stylists to track their growth then the salon itself. If you as a stylists don’t know your numbers then you don’t know how to grow. If each individual stylist doesn’t grow then your salon doesn’t grow. To be a successful stylist no matter what size business you work in you have to always be competing with yourself. Set goals weekly to make sure you are always growing. For less that $50 a month you can use Millenniums new software called Meevo which can be used on a tablet or computer from your salon or your home. This is perfect for Booth Rent Salons or Individual Stylists.

2. FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/freesaloneducation
3. TWITTER https://twitter.com/saloneducation
4. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT… OUR WEBSITE http://www.FreeSalonEducation.com

Millennium Harms Software http://www.MillenniumSI.com

freesaloneducation.com is a website truly dedicated to the growth and success of salon professionals everywhere. We provide all the help you need to be the best in the salon industry- exclusive free education videos posted constantly, live video podcasts for hairdressers, and a online store dedicated to only selling the best products available.

Matt Beck, founder of Gratitude Salon Education is excited to invite all stylists and future stylists to Freesaloneducation.com! Now more than ever Matt and his team at Gratitude Salon Education are showcasing their passion for education and for the salon industry by offering an on-line learning network at no charge.

“A teacher of mine handed down videos to me in beauty school. The knowledge I had gained for free was amazing! The many artists and teachings in those videos inspired me to further my career and become an educator” says Beck.

Now, almost ten years later, Matt has launched http://www.Freesaloneducation.com and http://www.ShopFSE.com Two sites dedicated to providing the highest quality step by step education on a weekly basis for anyone who wants to log in, be inspired, and learn! Stylists can expect education on cutting, coloring, styling, barbering, and business tips. You can also look forward to totally free educational videos sent by email and live web classes broadcast from in the salon. This truly is a great affordable (obviously) investment that stylists can use to study at their own pace and convenience.


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2006 Honda Ridgeline RTL 4×4 Custom 20″ 16340 – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Priced Right Auto Sales, LLC. Certified Pre-Owned Dealership




Offering wholesale pricing to the public on all our used vehicles. We specialize in helping people purchase and finance quality used cars and trucks. We make purchasing your next vehicle a NO Hassle, Easy, Enjoyable and Fun experience! Stop in and see how quickly we can get you approved, signed and driving away in your new pre-owned vehicle, with little or no money down.
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As always, you can contact us with any questions and
We will do everything we can to get you approved.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9am -6pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
OPEN Sundays 10am-3pm

*The advertised price does not include sales tax, vehicle registration fees, finance charges, documentation charges, and any other fees required by law. We attempt to update this inventory on a regular basis. However, there can be lag time between the sale of a vehicle and the update of the inventory. EPA mileage estimates are for newly manufactured vehicles only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. Before purchasing this vehicle, it is your responsibility to address any & all differences between information on this website & the actual vehicle specifications and/or any warranties offered prior to the sale of this vehicle. Vehicle data on this website is compiled from publicly available sources believed by Priced Right Auto Sales LLC. To be reliable. Vehicle data is subject to change without notice. Priced Right Auto Sales LLC. assumes no responsibility for errors and/or omissions in this data the compilation of this data & makes no representations express or implied to any actual or prospective purchaser of the vehicle as to the condition of the vehicle, vehicle specifications, ownership, vehicle history, equipment/accessories, price or warranties.


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Site Selection Fishing in the Right Pond – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Join Howard Cannon, well-known speaker, best-selling author, consultant, restaurant expert witness and media personality in this excerpt from one of his “How to Start a Restaurant” seminars, recorded live. Be sure to check out his new book “Restaurant OSHA, Safety and Security” and go to https://www.RestaurantExpertWitness.com
for your free download.
Also, Visit our FaceBook page at:

Howard Cannon—is the world’s most sought after forensic restaurant expert witness, with more than 150 cases and several hundred pre-litigation consulting matters to his credit. He is called on by judges, juries, plaintiffs and defense lawyers, members of the media, and industry executives to provide his unbiased opinions pertaining to an astonishing variety of incidents where employees, customers, and vendors become injured, harmed, sickened, maimed, or killed on the premises of restaurants across the United States. He is the author of several books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting Your Own Restaurant© (2001) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting a Restaurant©—second edition (2005), published and distributed in bookstores in dozens of countries around the globe. He has appeared on national, regional, and local television and radio, and has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, Live with Anderson Cooper, Hotel Impossible, Travel Channel, CBS, and Fox, to name just a few. Cannon has given hundreds of seminars, speeches, workshops, and interviews, and has been published in countless magazines and newspapers. For more information about Restaurant Expert Witness, Howard Cannon, please visit RestaurantExpertWitness.com.

• What makes restaurants unique to OSHA
• Why OSHA is applicable to all restaurant incidents
• Who must comply and why • The Scientific formula for risk
• The steps to creating a culture of safety • How to recognize dangerous conditions
No one heads to work at the restaurant down the street expecting to get maimed by a piece of kitchen equipment. No one takes family and friends out for dinner planning to spend the night in the emergency room waiting to hear whether the surgeon can reattach their child’s fingers. And, no one goes to any restaurant expecting to Eat Lunch and Die!
Unfortunately, these things happen every day–many times a day–in restaurants of all types and sizes across America. In fact, every year, thousands of employees and customers die in restaurants; millions more are being injured, harmed, sickened, or maimed. Before this calendar year is out, thousands will be dead, tens of thousands injured, and more than 90,000 people a day will become sickened from ingesting restaurant foods and beverages. The majority of these incidents could have been prevented with Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security and restaurant industry standards in place.
Compiled from more than 1,000 hours of research and statistical analysis, Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security was written to help provide restaurant owners, managers, executives, employers, employees, and vendors what they need to know about OSHA and industry standards and best practices in simple language, so they can concentrate on being successful and making money.
The authors of this book operate Restaurant Expert Witness–America’s most visible and prolific testifying and consulting forensic expert witness firm. They provide unbiased opinions pertaining to restaurant and bar industry lawsuits, insurance claims, litigation, and pre-litigation matters. They wrote this book to bring awareness to dangerous conditions that exist in America’s restaurants and to provide easy-to-implement solutions that will help protect us all.


#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans

The Energy Independence Implications of the Auto Bailout Proposal (Part 1 of 2) – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

The Energy Independence Implications of the Auto Bailout Proposal (Part 1 of 2) – Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming – 2007-09-20 – As Congress considers a multi-billion dollar program of loans to America’s auto industry, many measures of success or failure exist for the industry and the government’s attempts to help the automakers. Chief among those measures of success is how effectively America’s auto industry, and the industry as a whole, is transformed to build cars for the future that reduce our dependence on oil. Will the auto industry meet the fuel economy rules passed by Congress and signed into law nearly a year ago, which could revitalize the industry? Should American taxpayers expect even higher fuel economy performance in return for their investment of additional billions in loans? Do the auto companies’ plans impair their ability to meet the current fuel economy regime? A panel of auto industry and fuel economy experts will discuss these issues and other energy implications of the automotive industry loan program at a hearing tomorrow before Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Chairman Markey authored the House language that became the current fuel economy standards of at least 35 mile per gallon by 2020. Witnesses: Ms. Joan Claybrook, President, Public Citizen; Mr. Reuben Munger, Chairman and Co-founder, Bright Automotive; Dr. Peter Morici, Professor of International Business, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland; Mr. Geoff Wardle, Director of Advanced Mobility Research, Art Center College of Design; Mr. Richard Curless, Chief Technical Officer, MAG Industrial Automation Systems. Video provided by the U.S. House of Representatives.


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Eddie Explains The Numbers … – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

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