Safety Program Preview: On the Front Line – caterpillar Videos and products You already know how important it is for people to take a more active role in safety. And you understand the need for everyone to take part in creating a safe work environment. But how well are you able to communicate these principles to managers, supervisors and anyone else who is tasked with overseeing other people?

On The Front Line revolves around the nuts and bolts of personal accountability and how to get everyone on board. Effective management begins with the notion that people have to be able to define good safety before they’re able to uphold it. After that, it’s a matter of managers, supervisors, team leaders — ultimately, the entire organization — walking the talk and understanding the right ways to define tasks, measure performance and reward safety excellence. The goal? A sustainable zero-injury culture.

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Caterpillar Safety Services provides safety related products and training that leverage cultural assessment tools, continuous improvement processes and a proven formula for delivering a sustainable culture of safety excellence through the Zero-Incident Performance (ZIP™) Process. We coach leaders to demonstrate visible commitment to safety, provide supervisors tools and skills to develop a system of accountability, and get employees involved in error-proofing their processes.

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