Construction Videos – KUBOTA DRAFT4 2 1 – #Construction #Videos

I. Background

Client and Agency had a meeting to present the revised offline edit of Kubota AVP. There were additional comments on the video, which are stated below.

II. Highlights and Agreements

Sequence 1
1. Take out extreme close up shots of Mr. Okaze and replace with training video clips. Only the starting and ending spiel on cam of Mr. Okaze shall be retained.
2. Add subtitle for Mr. Okaze’s spiel.

Sequence 2
1. Extend the title card (New Horizon: Farm Mechanization) earlier (align with “We have looked forward to a new and brighter horizon in agriculture and it is finally here…”).

Sequence 3
1. Add a few seconds transition prior mention of the machine (for transplanter and harvester) when introduced.
2. Take out Steps in Seedling Preparation. Retain the line “However, prior to seed planting, farmers must practice proper seedling preparation to ensure a successful harvest” and then continue to line “With Kubota Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter, gone are the days of laborious manual seed planting…”.

III. Next Steps

1. Agency to address the comments.
2. Agency to present the revised edited AVP prior online process.


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