Bobcat 3400/3400XL UTVs: Perfect for Property Maintenance – Bobcat Videos

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Bobcat 3400 and 3400XL UTVs are ideal work companions on any property. With their industry-leading payload and towing capacities, it’s easy to haul tools and materials where you need them most. Plus, customizable cargo boxes and cabs make it easy to equip your machine for your needs, and for the day’s weather on your land. Easily maneuver around trees and other obstacles with intuitive controls.

Bring passengers along to help get the job done, with room for two in the 3400 and six in the 3400XL. You’ll be able to reach top speeds up to 40 mph with an optional speed kit, so you can quickly transport everything¬–and everyone–you need to where there’s work to be done on your land.

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