Tb & lo trucking show ( tired of some of these YouTube truckers) – Construction Equipment Financing and leasing

trucker brown does daily live feeds to show is trucking exp . vlogging my life is hard but i love it . most trucker youtubber do not drop everyday

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39 Replies to “Tb & lo trucking show ( tired of some of these YouTube truckers) – Construction Equipment Financing and leasing”

  1. Damn Lil Red done snapped. But what Lo said was 100% truth. I hate when I get a notification from YouTube and waste my damn time to go watch it and it's not there anymore. Speaking of BBQ now I want some. But any who. TB and LO keep up the good work. The hustle is real out here. My favorite quote from players club the movie "Make that money don't let make you" stay bleed and safe travels to y'all.

  2. Out of all the videos I've watched I never saw Lo so pissed. All I have to say is don't let them get you out of your element fam. Stay positive & prayed up.

  3. That's what's wrong with people today. They don't stand by there word. If you say it you mean it and stand on it. If people really fuck with you there going to ride with you no matter what even if they agree or disagree.

  4. If its bothering you so much why dont you be a man and say that to his face instead of talking to a camera next to your friend…or you could say his name since your big,bad, and always 100. Real men play for keeps

  5. This question is for Loshawn…when you are doing owner/op are you more likely to pay taxes/or get an income tax return? Lo we don't ever forget that you drop knowledge.

  6. 1 more UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH I'm gonna piss myself from laughing. some angry motherfuckers on the road. shits gonna chew you up inside if you last 20 years

  7. Son don't waste time reading between the lines, if they took it down they recognize it was something that should have not been said out of respect…….stay your humbled self……. you're upward bound let nothing get in your head to occupy real estate (making money). DON'T FEED INTO BS……you can always show them better than telling them.

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