The Grass is Greener: The Future of Biofuels – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

The Grass is Greener: The Future of Biofuels – Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming – 2007-10-24 – Edward J. Markey, Chairman of the Select Committee on Energy Independence held a hearing entitled “The Gas is Greener: The Future of Biofuels.” The Hearing took place on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 9:30 A.M. in 2175 Rayburn House Office Building. The hearing featured testimony from biofuel companies, environmental groups and musician Adam Gardner of the band Guster. Gardner has started a non-profit called Reverb which has “greened” tours for bands such as Bare Naked Ladies, Dave Mathews Band, Beastie Boys and the Fray. A demonstration of a Jeep Liberty SUV running on biofuels followed the hearing on the corner of New Jersey Ave. SE and C Street SE by Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings. WITNESS LIST: Adam Gardner, Guster and Reverb; Don Endres, CEO, VeraSun; Steve Gatto, CEO, Bioenergy LLC; Nathanael Greene, Natural Resources Defense Council; Dr. Susan Leschine, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and founder of SunEthanol. Video provided by the U.S. House of Representatives.


#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans

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8 Replies to “The Grass is Greener: The Future of Biofuels – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing”

  1. bahaha….i thought this was from the pink floyd utudbe I shared…fyunny how you sent this to me just after I posted that…big brother is watching bahahahahaha…formaldehyde……cancer..immunizations…gmo foods…we don't trust you people for any reason….it is all just a bunch of propaganda to manipulate us!


  3. @MicheleVenters ethanol will not be better than gasoline, however biodiesel works cleaner and more efficiently than regular, and diesel is already cleaner running than gasoline.

  4. Electric cars today are painfully impractical, and the more popular hybrids are the most insidious threats to wannabe "ecomentalists". The fear of nuclear power is an unfortunate, understandable, but ultimately dangerous in itself. The modern plant emits clean steam, some stray low-level ionizing radiation, and extremely hot fuel-rods that can end the world if handled improperly. The potential risks however are outweighed by the active damage done by coal and gas, if we use them we die slowly.

  5. More people need to find the will to build more solar plants in the desert, vertical-axis wind turbines in the grey areas, and nuclear power plants that aren't built on active fault lines next to important bodies of water. Germany has a pretty good developing infrastructure of horizontal turbines on it's country side, but has freaked out after the quake in Japan and is shutting down all it's reactors, which will in the short run force them to burn more coal and Russian gas.

  6. @mamaschristmasbunny Cannabis has no legitimate use that it is not already painfully out-done by legitimate resources or any uses in which it's benefits are out-weighed by the potential costs. It's good at mainly one thing: getting you fucked up. whether the government should be trying to prevent people from using it will vary depending on your political opinions and view of the world. Also it would be ridiculous to try to make a petrol-like fuel from pot, it doe's have the same chemical makeup.

  7. How about Marijuana as a Bio-fuel; where it costs almost nothing to produce and grows like rabbits breeding, fast and in abundance and with ease and naturally.
    All the other fuels they name off; they know that they can control in some way or form.
    They know that they cannot control its market; where they cannot manipulate its price.
    Being anyone could grow it- and make their own fuel.

  8. yes…but they hand over 173 billion in subsidies for ethanol….it is a ecological disaster…it doesn't out off carbon dioxide…it emmits formaldehyde….there is a water powered car that doesn't emmit anything into the atmosphere…but water vapor…..much smarter

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