Ep.110: How to Reprogram Your Brain to Make More Money and Be Visionary – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing

Neuroscientist Dr. German Garcia-Fresco stops by to talk about the Brain. How you can reprogram your brain to make more money? We discuss supplements, neurotropic and the book Beat the Crowd by Ken Fisher.

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#Construction #Equipment #Financing #leasing and #loans

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29 Replies to “Ep.110: How to Reprogram Your Brain to Make More Money and Be Visionary – #Construction #Equipment #Financing and #leasing”

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  2. But its cool he was only showimg 25 steps ahead of everyone not the 50 or even 100 its capable of showing us u just gotta find a quad. Stack pill or take 1 g not the quarter the pill from the movie showed

  3. Rehab dont work sleeping off the unbelief high im always on weather or not im doin brain enhancement drugs or drugs in general like my cognitive enhancement drug from limitless aka crystal clear meth or ntz48 from the movie just bc a copyright reasons its real name is …… U know meth

  4. This doctor either has only a very elementary level of understanding of how drugs affect the brain, or he's trying to simplify things so much, that he's saying things that are straight up dumb.

  5. I had pancreatic cancer 12 yrs ago I thank god I'm still alive .. But about 4 yrs ago I had sepsis shock, twice. I'm having a lot of trouble thinking and remembering I used to be a handyman.. what do I have to look forward to?

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