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China Arab States Information Technology Transfer Center (CASTTC)

On June 5th 2014, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed an important initiative at the opening ceremony of the 6th Ministerial Conference of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum that “Two Sides can discuss the establishment of China Arab States Information Technology Transfer Center”

The CASTTC is an important measure to facilitate China-Arab Science & Technology Cooperation.

According to the MOU between MOST China & the Arab League, CASTTC will be headquartered in YINCHUAN, NINGXIA, to serve the needs of all Arab Countries, & will be managed by Ningxia Science & Technology Dept.

We will promote the transfer of advanced & applicable technologies between China & the Arab countries, build CASTTC into an influential platform for China to open up to countries to its west & promote collaborative innovation between China & Arabia States.

Based on the development needs of the two sides, we will cooperate in high technology & equipment with complementary strength. The priority areas for technology cooperation & transfer include;

High-Speed Railway; Nuclear Energy Utilization, Aerospace, Satellite Communication; New Energy; Information Technology; Petro-Chemistry; Halal Food; Modern Agriculture; Biotechnology & Hui Medicine; Health; Ecological Protection and Control of Desertification. Etc.
• China Arab States Technology Transfer Comprehensive Information Service Platform;
“One Website”, “Three Databases” & “Five System will be constructed under the concept of “INTERNET OF THINGs + TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER CENTER” by the mean of modern information technology like CLOUD computing & internet technologies, we will also make full use of Ningxia science & technology innovation cloud platform.
And it still needs to be integrated into Ningxia IT industry’s existing mature application system of the integration of the Yinchuan iBi Center, & Ningxia science & Technology Resources & property rights exchange.
• China Arab States Technology Transfer Activities;
The Forum on China Arab States Technology Transfer & Collaboration Innovation; on the margin of the Expo, a series of forums, seminars & conferences will be held to facilitate technology transfer with the Arab Countries.
The High Technology & Equipment Exhibition; we will display world-level-high-tech achievement & equipment to promote pragmatic cooperation between China & Arab Countries.
Promoting A Series of Science & Technology Cooperation; we will organize training of High-Level management staff, technology management & entrepreneurs of the Arab Countries, invite outstanding Arab scientists to work in China & build joint labs, joint research centers & industrial park.
China Arab Countries Science Technology & Trade Week; relying on the bilateral technology transfer sub-centers in the Arab Countries, we will hold China Arab Science Technology & Trade week in one Arab Country every year to promote cooperation between enterprises.
We Will Provide Supporting Services; for enterprises, academic institutes in consultation, assessment, financing, legal, certifying & intellectual rights, etc.
We Will Organize Professional Training on Lows & Regulations; technology market, technology management; advanced practical technologies, S&T management, innovation & entrepreneurship.

China has strong technology storage in the new energy, high-speed railway, unclear energy, aerospace communications, equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture, environmental protection & water resources utilization.
Ningxia & Arab Countries are both located in arid & semi-arid areas, Ningxia has accumulated rich experience in efficient water-saving agriculture, Eco-agriculture, aid-climate farming & desertification treatment.
Ningxia has successfully held Three China Arab States Economic & Trade Forums, Two China Arab States Expo & one China Arab States Technology Cooperation Summit, becoming an important bridge between China & the Arab World.
China has already conducted technology transfer & collaborative innovation with some Arab Countries in pest control of date palms, high-efficiency cultivation, water saving technology, internet of things in agriculture, & plantation of cucurbits & vegetables.


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