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The industrial automation is the use of computerized systems or electromechanical elements for controlling machines or industrial processes. There are many jobs where there is no immediate risk of automation. No device has been invented that can compete against the human eye for precision and certainty in many tasks; either the human ear. The most useless humans can identify and distinguish essences as much automatic any device. Skills for human pattern recognition, speech recognition and language production are beyond any expectation automation engineers.

Another form of automation involving computers is test automation, where computer controlled automatic test equipment which is programmed to simulate humans to manually test an application. This is usually accompanied by automatic tools to generate special instructions (written as computer programs) that address the automatic test equipment in the exact direction to finish tests.

Japanese companies managed to survive in this market, among the most important are: the Italian company Comau, Adept Technology, Staubli-Unimation, the Swiss multinational company ABB (Asea Brown Boveri-) and the German company KUKA Robotics. The Robotics is the branch of technology that is dedicated to the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots. The term robotics is coined by Isaac Asimov, defining the science of robots. Asimov also created the Three Laws of Robotics. In the science fiction man has imagined robots visiting new worlds, seizing power, or simply alleviating the housework in addition to having sexual fantasies or fetishes with them, because they stand out for having a representation of the male member to large scale.

Robots learning. Repeating a sequence of movements that has been previously performed by a human operator. The way is through a mechanical device. The operator performs the required movements while the robot followed and memorized. Intelligent Robots. They are similar to the above but also have sensors that send information to the control computer on the state of the process. This enables intelligent decision making and process control in real time.

The structure is defined by the type of general configuration of the robot can be metamorphic. The concept of metamorphism, emerging, has been introduced to increase the functional flexibility of a Robot by changing its configuration by the robot itself. Metamorphism supports various levels, from the most basic (tool change or terminal effect), to more complex as the change or alteration of certain elements or structural subsystems. The devices and mechanisms that can be grouped under the generic name of the Robot, as indicated, are very diverse and it is therefore difficult to establish a coherent classification of them to withstand a critical and rigorous analysis. The subdivision of the Robots, based on its architecture, is done in the following groups: polyarticulated, mobile, android, zoomorphic and hybrids.

Correspond to those of difficult classification, the structure is in combination with any of the above already given, either by conjunction or by juxtaposition. For example, a segmented and articulated wheels, is simultaneously one of the attributes of mobile robots and zoomorphic Robots.

The computer technology pioneered a technological development that lead to a general improvement in the level of automation in the production of industrial robots, fully automatic production lines or techniques such as pattern recognition in artificial intelligence lead. As a result of automation often go manufacturing jobs lost. A historical example of this is the redundancies in the American telephone companies in which lost due to the introduction of the automated election system, a large number of telephone operators her job.

There are different forms of automation: office automation, industrial automation, graphics automation and other automation. Not every job is equally easy to automate. The tasks that a computer can execute the best jobs that require a lot of computing power. At the time that a task can be fully described in the step-by-step application of logical rules, this task is, in principle, suitable for automation. For example: banking, traffic control or regulate the indoor climate in a building.

In the industrial world, automation is a continuation of mechanization, where mechanization still require human operators during machine operation or require the assistance of a human muscle to be able to work.

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