Joyce Meyer – Stress Management Sermon 2017

Joyce Meyer Blessed Sermon Stress Management


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  1. Joyce, you are amazing! Your message is eye opening and so real its like fresh air in my lungs. I appreciate you for talking about real situations. We need messages like this one. Thank you !

  2. I gave her book battlefeild of the mind to a client who was molested at my job a impatient rehab and the tears would not stop flowing hope it helps with her addiction prayers

  3. Love this woman, l have never met her but l feel as though l know her she helps me with gods word to live my life the way it's meant to be. Thankyou Jesus for Joyce she is such a blessing to us all. That includes me.

  4. Hi Joyce! We just went thru hurricane Irma and she destroyed our neighborhoods and left A lot of us without power.. food.. gas. As we rebuild… is there anyway you can come to South Florida I know you go as far is Orlando but we really need you down here in Fort Lauderdale perhaps or even West Palm Beach for the people who were affected by the hurricane? Please Joyce?? Thank u Lin koenig Boca raton fl. EmIl

  5. I live with some one that complains constantly . He focuses on all the bad things that are going on in our life instead of being thank ful ! So from the time I was young I have always been happy and had a good heart . I love people . I love my family the problem is that I have been living with person for over 20 years and it has been extremely hard because it depresses me . Makes it very hard to be happy . I have bad health problems doesn't matter what I do he's never happy . I will never understand why he's not thank ful for his family . He uses verbal words to be little every one around him . I find my self feeling not loved , not important . I want peace so badly in my life .

  6. I have been struggling with personal things lately regarding my physical, emotional & mental health. It's so hard sometimes. If it wasn't for the love & grace of God…I don't know. I'm blessed to be able to call him my Father. Thank you God for everything. I pray that things get better God, by your grace & through your will, for my family & I. In the name of Jesus, Amen!

  7. i know about what you said ;be in the world BUT not act like it.! i believe jesus resides in my heart and truely and yet i get stressed out because my husband and frends think iam evil , even when i thought it and never spoke it. so who is evil? THEY CALL EVIL FOR PRAYING! just keep the morning star people in your prayer. ive been call many names PRUSICUTED !

  8. from a non believer to always making an excuse about praying I can honestly say I have been living stuborn and stressed my whole life until tonight I prayed for the first time out loud in a good while and God heard me and helped me with my ugly anxiety attack and speaks threw me in Joyce videos and threw my mother.

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