Joyce Meyer — Never Give Up — FULL Sermon 2017

Joyce Meyer beautiful sermon Never Give Up


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  1. This is exactly what I needed, I almost gave up on god and I was praying and praying please change me. Nothing ever happened, I always went back to doing the bad stuff and I tried and tried, I was just about to give up, then I remembered my grandma and I were talking about our favorite pastors or preachers and she said hers was Joyce myers, now this was months ago! She told me to try you out and listen to your sermons sometime of course I said I would but I never did. But tonight I said oh she can't be that bad (no offense, I did not know you) but I saw this sermon and it caught my eye so I said I will give it a try, and when you looked at that camera and said there are some of you that are thinking about giving up, I knew! So I listened to the sermon you are an amazing preacher!! I am only 13 going on 14, and I have struggles with a lot of things right now (I am not pitting my self) but can you just pray for me, please, you probably won't have time to read this but if you do please please pray for me! My actual name is Graci, my mom and step dad don't know but I am struggling with addiction and cutting. Thank you!

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