Joyce Meyer – Last Days Sermon 2017

Joyce Meyer Blessed Sermon Last Days


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  1. I knew to search for Joyce meyer videos!!!
    I was just watching Anonymous videos about all of the evils in this world and I said no… I'm not feeding into this, I need to not give the devil the power.

  2. I feel it is very important to know about the “last days.” Many people think that there is no God and we don’t go anywhere after we live. Naturalism plays a huge role for this belief. But remember, God IS real and after we die, Jesus will take his children to heaven to worship him. Amen.

  3. They save souls? What is that? Where in the physiology of the human body is the soul located? Between the lungs, near the liver? 11 inches from the heart? Around the neck? Close to the stomach? Where is it exactly? Or is it more religious fraud?

  4. No, Joyce Meyers! Child predators are unforgivable! Mothers who pimp their children are unforgivable. Don't be crazy! THATS SOME EVIL *#$%$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your kind of thinking exactly made me think I could heal or help these abusers, which led to more and more devastating abuse. I finally had to realize :
    1. free will is real.
    2. they get something out of being abusive.
    3. Suffering never gave me the excuse to hurt another, why do they always use their suffering as an excuse? Because #2.

    It took so many years to overcome this thinking, that they were just wounded and acting out.

    Often you can see they do seem to be suffering but you have to realize if suffering causes sadism then why don't I/you like hurting people? Everyday still, I have to really accept that they do it because they like it. Just my thoughts.

  5. Good advice re- twitter note- IF the abuser has a conscience. Abusers, addiction are traits of a sociopath. They are master charmers and blamers. Christians need to know the traits of the sociopath, type 1 sociopath, and psychopath. Knowing the traits helps us to be "wise as serpents." We should never label anyone as conscienceless- we need to have strong boundaries and pray for them, from a distance if necessary. Joyce's father has major traits: alcoholic (they need stimulation), controlling (he controlled their emotions and even what food they couldn't have), he abused and cheated on his wife, he abused his children.. etc. He may have apologized to her, because now she is powerful. They pick on the weak, but once they become powerful.. they have to shift their strategies. Anyway- Great advice from Joyce. But- do indeed know the traits of the type 1 sociopath, sociopath, and psychopath. They can be the belittling teacher, cheating spouse, police officer who crosses boundaries, etc. If you have the ability of feeling love and you have the "gift of mercy"- then you most likely have at least one preying on you now. If you find you have traits of a type 1 sociopath, then change it. With God all things are possible. p.s. I love her teachings. She is wise and has grown in love and gentleness so much.

  6. she water downs
    the Holy Scriptures
    plus she has her
    own bible that
    she has printed
    out by her company
    many fake prophets will
    apear and mislead many.

  7. Thank you Pastor Joyce Meyer. Such a blessing. I'm sitting at home in bed learning from you. You have helped me so much! God bless you your family and this ministry! Amen x

  8. fear the lord.. we all are going to die…. anyone whom follows false teacher… won't survive the second death!!! Joyce Meyer has a first class flight to Lucifer kingdom…hell!!! may the creator opens your eyes.. don't be dumb sheep!! read & research … what the truth really is!!!

  9. I am in a situation and I will be getting out of it soon just dont know when I am being verbally abused God has told me when the enemy raises his head for me to bow mine I am having a heard time doing this everything in me wants to fight back what o I o while I am in the waiting process.

  10. I wish she were talking about her own last days, since she is still robbing and stealing from the poor for the benefit of her greedy, fraudulent family and 'ministry.'
    Don't give her another dime, she's a phony, uneducated and uncouth 'born again.' She should be investigated by the Feds and the IRS again.

  11. I urge all Christians who are in need of learning about the final hours of this time period in history, and learn about the rapture and the second coming of Christ, look up Amir Tsarfati on youtube. He's got a very long resume, is a Jew who believes in Jesus, who is also from the tribe of Judah. Sound teaching with weekly updates on prophecy and Israel news. It goes on and on. He's on FB and YT. Please do yourself a favor. You won't learn about these things through Joyce. I know because I used to be really into her, but "no bloodsucking gadlies will come near the righteous" just isn't going to apply soon. Christians today are the most persecuted group of people on the planet and it's getting worse all the time. We need to face the fact that we just might find ourselves in a situation where we have to die for our faith. Don't believe it's all sunshine and roses because you accepted Christ. "In this world, you will have tribulations. But be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world." "Be faithful even unto death."

  12. we have all been given a testimony and when you are selling your testimony you step right out of God's will
    ask the Lord for a strong discerning spirit search the bible about false teachers

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