The Book of Life – Christian Short Film


A Noble Brothers Production

A 20-minute short film from Scottish based Noble Brothers Productions. Focussing on the story of a drug addict whose life is transformed by an encounter with a young Christian woman.

This film was shot in Edinburgh, Isle of Skye, Aberdeen, Eilean Donan Castle, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Beijing and the Great Wall of China.

Graeme Noble
Binglin Luo
Reuben McKay
Rachel Leung
Michael Lo
John-William Noble
Arielle Watt
Tom Syszlak
Rachael Wheeler
Eric Ling
Craig Joiner
Marie Fraser
Kayleigh Kilpatrick
Tasha Hardie
Francis Alexsandero
Rebecca Diack
Morven Clark
Chris Scott
Shona Knox
Julia Simpson

Craig Joiner (
Hannes Johansson (

Fight Choreography by Graeme Noble
Written by John-William Noble
Edited by Graeme Noble
Produced by Graeme Noble & John-William Noble
Directed by John-William Noble

Shot on a Canon 550D / T2i with three different lenses. Sound was recorded using the Sennheiser 416 microphone with Zoom H4n audio recorder.
Edited on an Apple Mac using Final Cut Pro 7.

A Noble Brothers Production


8 Replies to “The Book of Life – Christian Short Film”

  1. The bible is not a book of life. It is a contradictory collection of myths, legends and outdated moral codes written by prescientific pre-rational cultures. You have NO evidence that ANY of the supernatural claims made by the bile are true, including the claim that a god exists.

  2. This could possibly be the worst thing I have ever seen. Just a string of random events concluding with a horribly written, atrociously acted monologue full of clunky exposition. The writing and acting are very poor mate.

  3. Very good! Your work is getting better and hope you make more!

    Will you be uploading unconditional love and call of babylon anytime soon? I've been looking back now and again to see if they were up but to no avail.

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