Buying An Old “Classic Car Or Truck”-And Not Getting RIpped Off!

Is The Rusty Old Car or Truck worth that much MONEY? My Friend Pete shows us that when buying an old car for restoration that it might be better to buy a car that’s already restored! or 972-420-1293


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  1. How true Pete, idiots in Australia want ridiculous prices for a peice of shit Holden that was nothing special. Six cylinder engine and rusted out. Wife looked at Toranas, bullshit prices for a car that was never anything special. She bought a 67 Chevrolet impala black with cream interior, 327 and it's a nice car. Half the price of the wrecked rusted out peice of shit Toranas. Just like Australian chargers are way over priced, 40 grand for a shit box. I've got a beautiful 77 Regal Se with a hot 360 I've had since I was a kid. Paid $2600 in 1990, restored it and drove it a million ks. Still a beautiful car to this day and they're not a million dollars to buy.

  2. $2,500 and $40,000 to restore it.. $5,000 just to get it to go down the road with the cheapest parts you can find and metal work if you buy a cheap welder and do the metal work yourself..

    Unless it's some type of "unicorn" like a Nomad or you're rich or wealthy this is a dead end road.. Best case scenario you hand it off to a kid or grand kid if you start early..

  3. Yeah I just went on a site for old cars and the price of cars is ridiculous they want ten thousand dollars for a car with no engine or transmission. And it is rusted out bad.

  4. Nicely done. Also to add those TV show car buys are paid with sponsored money with deep pockets. They really don't care if they spend 8K on a rusted out '68 camaro or split window vette, they only care about the entertainment value that comes from the show. Most of those guys aren't even mechanics. Often they farm out much of the work to outside specialty shops which, coincidentally is also paid for by the sponsors. If the money came directly out of their own pocket on a $15/ hour salary, you can bet they would be penny pinching and doing everything themselves. By the way, I am currently rebuilding and restoring a private motorcycle collection. I have to tell the owner not to buy a replacement part (which he is quick to do) but instead, let me clean and restore the part first.

  5. Id rather buy a truck that needs a bit of work (which i did 98 Ram 2500 4×4) for 1200$ rather a pile of shit that I have to sink too much money into. Now im watching you Pete to learn how to fix the body of my truck, also now I want to go into Automotive Collision Repair because im having so much fun in working on my truck.

  6. Yeah, great video. You nailed it. Also those "Pickers" shows where guys go around and make generous offers to buy junk and agree to buy overpriced junk. Yeah, it's a TV show and they have plenty of money to work with to buy that stuff, and to make them look good, and to make the show work, which they make money from the advertising, so the people selling that crap know it and they generally wont sell it for it's really worth. In the real world, it don't work that way because not every buyer has money to give away.

  7. People always sell cars "rust free"…. or should I say at not extra charge..  My advice ( for what its worth … its free, so value you it at 10 Xs the cost. )  First make sure the car has the paperwork, a car you cant register or cant legally prove you own is worthless. Don't buy a car that's been taken apart unless you are paying practically scrap value… not junk yard, but scrap. this way when you get all the parts back to your garage and find out your missing more in parts ( or damaged to the point of being unusable when removed )  then its worth restored, you can at least get your money back out of it, less time and energy. hold out for a rare car or one with rare options, while a Mustang may be easy to restore and you can by practically every part no problem for it,,, they made millions of them, and the $189.00 you paid for a new heater control switch is money you will never see again, other then the joy of turning the heat on. The bottom line don't get sentimental over a car until you have a reason to, meaning driving  and enjoying the car.

  8. Glad to know that there's still someone out there that has some sense when it comes to old cars….. I use to love going out and finding old cars to buy and fix up….. Mopars were my automobiles of choice.. Road Runners, Chargers, GTX, etc…. But those days are gone….. Everyone thinks that they have a one of a kind treasure and put crazy ass prices on it…. Even back then i use to run across afew weirdo's that had about 20 old mopars hoarded up and finally priced for sale… Then they'd tell you some bogus story about each car, along with a bogus price… Saying it was a matching number, One of a kind, Or how so and so had their baby in it, etc….. I sure miss the $1500 cars that you could actually drive or at least hear them run…

  9. Hi Pete, you want to try living in New Zealand like I do what a fucken joke the prices have gone fucken stupid, I am trying to get one in a few months and I don't think I will be able to afford to be honest, I am just looking at the prices now.

  10. you cant hardly buy a broke down civic for less than 700 dollars.vehicles are expensive and even storing cars nowadays cost a fortune.becasue of those code enforcement rules which are designed to raise profits of vehicle makers.

  11. I wouldn't even pay his prices in Canadian dollars. You have to be patient and wait for the right deal to come along. Get the word out to your friends, you never know who knows somebody with a decent car at a decent price.

  12. thanks Pete, in 1964 I bought a 1956 chevy belair 2dr ht with 32000 miles for $300.00 I lost it when I went over seas. I have wanted one just like it. Two years ago I found one for $4800.00 , no engine or trans, body damage, lots of parts missing. I have spent most of my savings on parts, appx $20,000.00. I'm 72 yesrs old and the car is still junk. Well maybe my son can get it done, love your videos. Bill.

  13. Everything is FAKE today and has been since the Radio was invented, the only good that came out of Propaganda, its the dream put in some of the finest Country Girls head and influenced them to come out the Mountains and blessed America, lol!!!

  14. I'm a poor prick specially with my debt consolidation bankruptcy shit currently going on that said I can't buy a new truck or get a lone. I do how ever know how to pull wrenches and do paint and bodywork I bought a 94 Chevy Silverado extended cab truck running and driving in really decent shape from a local insurance company as a total loss being a old truck it barley needed any thing so I bought it for $500 I'm into it for $3500 but IV had it 3 years and put almost 100 000km on it and it's bin great it was a good buy don't regret it and was worth it. So to get to my point I thought I'd like to find the same truck Sept 4×4 so I came across one that needed motor work so the add said and it was 30min away so I went to look at it. When I was there I seen it had rust mismatched rims and tires aswell as miss matched body panels with some major dents and so I popped the hood to find a half disaselbed motor and the truck had 549 000km but was loaded and some how had a clean interior. The truck was a 1998 Chevy Silverado extended cab short box Z71 with a 5.7 vortec dime a dozen truck. So the guy said well what's your offer I said well dude truth be told it's in very bad shape it needs everything and I mean everything. I said well the interior is decent so I'm thinking $500. and I still feel that's steep. He laughed at me told me he's got 7 other buyers for the truck for $3000 so my jaw dropped and I asked oka but were are these guys I have cash in my pocket right now he laughed said it's worth least $3500 lowest he would go was $3000. It's fusterating That people want so much for there junk I personally think any non running driving vehicle is only worth $500-$800. I don't think these people realize the work and money and time it takes to fix up these clunkers. I don't care how rare they are if they need everything then they and worth anything in my opinion rare or not. Good video Pete.

  15. I know a couple of rich guys from Europe who come to the states to buy these old shit cars and ship them back to their country and sell them for a lot more… Its crazy how inflated its become :/

  16. you are sooo right… I'm in Canada and delivered a load in Alabama stopped at a yard with 1000 rusty cars and was looking at a 68 charger to restore cuz i could never even afford a shitty one for sale and this guy was asking 8000 for this one 9000 for this one fucking things haven't ran in 40* years gofer holes in the body dented panels possums fucking in the trunk they were rotten field cars just wanted to throw one on the flatbed to bring back over the border and slowly fix it up but cant get them anymore these fucktards think there worth millions and the meatheads in Canada are worse than there… ever see a Canadian field car? lean over to look into drivers side and you will fall in the car in a puff of rust.. any suggestions? have an idea what your gonna say

  17. when they say "gimme an offer", the best response I have heard is, "no thanks, I don't like to bid against myself".
    1967,8,9 Chargers are worth spending money on. 300 man-hours (@ $100/hr = $30,000) + $30,000 in parts and you can pay $15,000 for a junker and the numbers still work ($75,000 for a fresh car).
    But even 1962 bubble top wont crack $40,000 so you need to get it for negative $10,000 just to break even!

    Inflation robs us all blind.

  18. Restored auction cars have becme a rich mans sport. Many sit in a garage and wait for the prices go up. You rarely see them on the streets anymore. Cars and generation's are changing and to many of these old cars are looking like huge overpriced loads of steal that guzzle fuel.

  19. You are on point on this one hey Pete make another video like this but call CTC RANCH in Texas. now that fucker will really entertain you for hrs. trust me he has some bs cars and he wants an arm and a leg for cars and parts. I been looking for a trunk lid for my Pontiac and this fag Allen wants $350.00 for a trunk lid without the trim and I asked how much would he sale it for and it's actually been 3yrs now and he still won't come down on the price. If I am not mistaken the lid has dents and it's rust of course. I say give them a call lol.

  20. It's terrible here in the U.K, anything with the word retro or classic means big money! I owned a classic mini when I left school in 1990, cost around £500 with an M.O.T and tax. Now they sell rotten ones for over £2000! You would need to spend, over £5000 just to get them roadworthy!! Motorbikes/Cars/Bicycles etc, anything old is stupid money….I can't even afford to buy the car I owned when I left school! Most of these restored fake reality cars, are plated up bondo pieces of junk..

  21. I realize restoring any kind of car comes with it's challenges but, in your experience, is there a particular model that's best for beginners? Does it depend on availability of parts? 57 Chevy? 32 Ford? I really would like to one day, restore an old car preferably, one from the 30's-50s

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