What to expect from Schneider training, I get an automatic truck, and Staying fit while trucking.

This video will let new trainees understand what to expect from your three week training at Schneider national, also letting you know what my plans are for staying fit on the road and I am done with Kodi.

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  1. 1:35 no an automatic is not better on fuel economy. the reason is more gears and higher gear ratios in the 13th gear. shifting gears is not a distraction it is actually something that forces a driver to concentrate on road speed vs gear speed. when you do that you are more aware and not as likely to flip it over from too fast in a curve. an amt is actually more dangerous for dozens of reasons. however tyvm for your giving back to the trucking community.

  2. The first automatic trucks weren't good, but now they have improved. I had the computer systems just go out, while I was making a turn. It wouldn't do anything and I had to be towed. After a while I got used to it.

  3. Thanks for this video. I head to Atlanta tomorrow for training. any advice as to things with this company I will take with an open mind and I plan to make some money and do what I have to to do it.

  4. I downgraded my CDL from Mississippi to a regular Licence. Now I live in Alabama, and trying to get back to trucking, but they want me to test again.
    I need a refresher course , and does Schneider do their own testing after a refresher?

  5. lol, bro, I didn't like the automatics at first after about 3 months, I was hooked. You will love it. And I think you might like Schneider as well. And I tell ya, I did teams. I was you, i wouldn't do it. lol

  6. Never drove an auto, but whatever makes you happy. I have noticed over the years since they came out that drivers have problems backing up with them, but thats a given for newbies anyways. I grew up on a farm and learned how to back up a hay wagon into tight spots at age 7. Anyways, stick with the weight lifting and training, Im almost 60 and recently got back into it, I wish more drivers would take better care of themselves. I went to the schneider school back in 89, good school. I didnt really care for the company that much, but they are a good outfit and have lots of freight, no reason to be sitting around. Good luck.

  7. Congrats bro and how far back do they do the hair test goes I'm cleaning I used to smoke but but trying better myself bro just trying to get good info I really appreciate

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