Building Demolition Machine is Huge Toy

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The demolition is the opposite of construction : the tear down of buildings and other structures. For most buildings, such as houses, that are only two or three stories high, demolition is a simpler process. The building is torn down either manually or mechanically using large hydraulic equipment: elevated work platforms, cranes, excavators or bulldozers. While a controlled implosion is the method that the general public normally thinks of when discussing demolition, it is extremely dangerous and is only used as a “last resort” when other methods are impractical or too expensive.

Development with heavy machinery: shovel loader and shovel loaders, material removal truck dumper. They are used to practice demolitions on large scales and risky places where the staff can not do this. These machines are operated by highly qualified personnel, while maintaining standards of health and safety related. A loader is one machine often used in construction of building, mining, public works such as roads, motorways, tunnels, water reservoirs and other activities involving the movement of soil or rock in large volumes and surfaces.

For most demolition work special demolition permits are required, in which the termination method is described in detail. Even with a partial demolition of a house within a demolition permit may be required, especially when structural components are to be removed or if fire safety relevant components are affected by the demolition work.

Often an abort is made, to build on the free surface become a new building. The partial abort changes are often made ​​in the form and quality of the buildings. Since not only the demolition but also with one to abort planned construction or demolition house special danger arises, the security against unauthorized access is especially important. Difficult abort projects (eg. B. Abort with major equipment, blowing, etc.) may only be started if a written termination statement of the demolition contractor is present at the site. This work will be mechanic for demolition and concrete cutting performed. The planned safety and health measures are the health and safety coordinator (SiGeKo). Especially in concrete structures demolition, a process of months with great noise – and dust be.

With the demolition of constructed facilities in both the controlled demolition of whole buildings as well as additions and renovations as well as floors is meant. In contrast to previous uncontrolled demolition with the wrecking ball or by blowing up the demolition of buildings today often takes place as scheduled demolition, with extensive variety separating the individual materials and the protection of adjacent structures or components, as well as taking into account the emission protection. Construction waste is largely recycled; the disposal of construction waste is expensive.

Before the removal of buildings on heavy construction equipment could fall back buildings were usually caused by human muscle power with hammer or pick axe canceled. In the Middle Ages unneeded buildings were partly also by deliberately laid fire destroyed what if reasonable approach is often larger fires caused as planned. Even the collapse of walls by means bring pull ropes was applied by a method already applied early.

Razing usually referred to the demolition of castles and fortifications of the losing party to a military conflict. It takes place by removal, leveling, blasting or demolition. In the extreme case is meant: raze. Often a ring road relic of a looped attachment. The Boulevard ( bulwark ) originally referred to a ring road also a looped attachment.

Urban redevelopment called physical measures in neighborhoods or entire cities, which are particularly affected by structural change and decline in population. The concomitant loss of function tries to counteract urban redevelopment on the basis of an urban development concept. Urban redevelopment is complex, small-scale and requires more coordination than before. In particular, the creation of implementation of housing in the old quarters requires a lot of patience and commitment of all urban redevelopment partner, now in private ownership. From 2015/16 is again assumed an increase in the vacancy rate, simply because of the then population greater decrease (demographic echo). Urban redevelopment has thus become a permanent task.

In the research project “Urban Redevelopment West” was first examined with 16 pilot cities, will be how the specific problems encountered in the western German cities. The appropriate urban redevelopment strategies were financially supported.

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