Propane Revolution: UPS to Buy 1,000 LPG Trucks – Autoline Daily 1329

– Subaru of America Names New CEO
– Ford Moves Medium-Duty Truck Production
– Propane Revolution Underway
– Lexus to Offer Crossover Based On LF-NX
– Hyundai Teases New Sonata Interior
– 2015 Kia K900

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5 Replies to “Propane Revolution: UPS to Buy 1,000 LPG Trucks – Autoline Daily 1329”

  1. How great to see these big fleet owners buying lots of LPG-powered vehicles and stimulating demand for expanded LPG fueling infrastructure that can in turn make LPG-powered personal vehicles more salable.

  2. I'm not going to immediately trash the K900 for being a Kia, because there is more to a car than it's badge. But I will say that Kia won't likely win over prestige brand obsessed people who are looking for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi.

  3. Huh. Ford wanted to use mexico to produce new trucks for them, for sale in the US? Ford approves of shipping jobs overseas and accross country borders i guess. Good to see those new trucks will be made in the United states, where build quality is a thing that exists.

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