1993 Chevrolet C1500 Regular Cab Long Bed Pickup Truck w/260,000 miles on original 305 V8!

This is a 1993 Chevrolet C1500 Regular-Cab Long-Bed pickup. For those of you who do not know, the “C” designation means it is a 2-wheel drive model. 4×4 models got the “K” designation. Aside from a parking brake that proved to be inoperable, the peeling paint that is typical of GM products from this era, stereo speakers that were shot, and an interior in serious need of a cleaning, the truck was fine. It just needed some relatively minor work. Even the air-conditioner, which was still charged with R-12 (1993 was the last year Chevy used R-12 in most of its cars and trucks), worked great!

Here are the Private Party Blue Book Values for this truck:

Excellent: $2,592

Very Good: $2,417

Good: $2,342

Fair: $1,842

I’d put this truck somewhere between “Fair” and “Good,” which would place its current value somewhere in the $2,000 range. The peeling paint on the hood doesn’t bother me too much, so I won’t include the cost of a new paintjob. The cost for fixing the brakes and the cost of a new stereo system, combined with sales tax and all of the usual cost for registering and insuring a vehicle will probably come to about two grand. Providing the engine lasts a little longer, you have yourself one hell of a work truck!

Standard features on both “Cheyenne” and “Silverado” models include padded armrests, rear-wheel antilock brakes, Solar-Ray tinted glass (deep-tinted glass was available on extended-cab models only), intermittent windshield wipers, and a deluxe heater/outside-air-type defogger with side window defoggers (air-conditioning was an extra cost option not just in the base models, but even in the more expensive Silverado models), among other options. An AM radio was standard on the Cheyenne, which is surprising even for almost 20 years ago, but the Silverado came with an AM/FM radio standard. The list of standard features on the W/T, Cheyenne, and Silverado would go on for a very long time, so let’s get started on the options this particular truck has.

This truck is equipped with the following options on top of the many standard features:
Silverado trim
Air conditioning
Convenience Group (includes Tilt-Wheel Adjustable Steering Column and electronic speed control)
Convenience Group (includes power door locks and power windows)
Seating: Custom Cloth split bench
Radio: AM/FM stereo with premium dual rear speakers, seek-scan, cassette tape player, and digital clock
Sliding rear window
15″ cast-aluminum wheels
5.0L (305 cu. in.) V8 w/EFI-175 SAE Net HP @ 4000 RPM and 270 Torque (lb.-ft.) @ 2400 RPM

This truck does not have the G80 locking/limited-slip/posi rear end, just a conventional open rear diff. This drivetrain and option combination is typical of what you might find in ab rand new truck on a dealer’s lot back in 1993 if you chose to buy off the lot instead of ordering.

This truck has the Conventional Two-Tone Paint (RPO ZY2), in Teal Green Metallic w/Quicksilver Metallic lower accents. The interior is gray custom cloth with a split bench seat.


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  1. Nice Truck for 93 Silverado. The grille was for 1988-1994 models like the steering wheel is the same model year while the K5 Blazer/Suburban is only 1992-1994 models.

  2. mine has ext cab and long bed 93 with the 5.7 350. 194 grand in miles but motor was said to be rebuilt. Also transmission. .but 383 he said it was bored over. All stock exhaust. Transmission once in a while acts silly like it wants to shift but never slips. i dont get it. lol.

  3. Koll dude i got same year but mine has 200,600 something still runing like a dream g seriouse stooke everything engine runs like a dream run 100 miles a day to worrk great truck

  4. nice truck i have the same truck almost mines a 94 interior is in poor shape though  mine is the extended cab nice truck radio and ac dont work in mine either. i have a 5.7 v8 in mine.

  5. The A/C compressor cycles to keep it cool, it doesn't need to stay on the whole time the A/C is running. The colder you turn the A/C, the more the compressor will run.

  6. i own a 94 and the day  after i bought it the harm bal went bad aswell as the rubber hose in the gas tank that connect the output from the pump. the rear drum break cyl n lines n t block for the rear lines and the battery aswell as the stupid clicking from a bad achuator for recurlation in the air con/heat aswell as the body rot  chevy should close thier door andshut down shot

  7. yeah, if i can find my camera. do you want pictures of the blazer before or as it is now? ive put an ss454 grille in and black headlight housings and bumper lights and stainless step bars

  8. I've never heard of Transcon. I've heard of Geneva and Centurion, though. Oh yeah, you sent me pictures of your Sonoma for use in my truck tributes a while ago. My hard drive crashed since then. Could you send me more high quality pics of your Sonoma and your Blazer?

  9. Since you seem pretty smart on these can you give me some info on my 93 k1500 blazer. It says it was altered by transcon in 93. But I've searched hours on the internet and can't come up with anything. The final cost of it was just over 25k. It has every option on it. Then there's this other factory sticker just saying conversion and an additional 5k on it making its total cost just over 31k. Any idea what it is?

  10. Put the back of truck on jack stands and rotate one of the wheels. If the other wheel rotates opposite of the wheel you just rotated it's a limited slip differential.

  11. You are correct, I have a 93' GMC Sierra (SLE) Z-71 with the tow package. Has a 5.7 (TBI) and 3spd with O.D. trans. It came with a .373 ratio limited slip rear differential, No Posi! Mine does have Posi-track now, but it didn't new in 1993.

  12. the g80 rear ends lock at a certain amount of torq. like if you did a burn out both would spin in a g80. its also good for offroad because if one tire starts to spin it will start putting torq to the other. but g80 is pretty much true posi just a little smarter. search up g80 on youtube there are people that demonstrait it. chevy still puts them in there trucks.

  13. Thanks!

    Now, is that an actual posi where both the rear wheels spin at all times, or just a limited-slip? A locking rear diff was an option even on the 2WD 1500 models. Do you know what the code for a locking rear is?

    I will stop by the shop where this truck is kept, obtain the keys, and check the glovebox. Thanks again for the info!

  14. Dad bought one of these from his boss's mom for me. His boss's dad died a few months back, and it was his truck. Dad bought it for $1500, and I love this truck. Same exact setup as yours except for the paint job, it's a little lighter blue with a huge silver stripe. It drives like a beauty!

  15. If I owned this truck, I would replace the entire system. I would keep the tape deck and not tear it apart, but I would want to put a kickass sound system in it. I am talking CD/MP3 head unit with USB iPod hookup, multiple speakers, and an enclosure with two subwoofers and a high-powered amp.

  16. Unfortunately I am a college student with almost no money. Trust me, it makes me want to cry not being able to buy this beauty. All it really needs is brake work and a new stereo system. As I mentioned in the video, even the R-12 A/C worked great and blew FREEZING! What year is yours?

  17. Looks like that tape deck needs a new belt installed. Pretty common for the age of the deck. As for the speakers not soudning good. GM only used 4×6 inch speakers in their trucks back then. Your not going to get much out of a 4×6 inch speaker.

  18. ah i see. it probably has something to do with emmisions or that stupid "cash for clunkers" so they will probably have to sell it "under the table" dealerships do all sorts of sneaky things "under the table" but if someone offered them $2,000 i bet they would accept as if they thought they could get anything out of it they would have polished the bad paint job just to make it shine and the interior would be spotless and oder free, but i bet it would be worth pulling the engine and tranny out

  19. I agree with your comment. I like the older trucks better too. That's why I didn't want to remove it. The truck is not officially for sale, but I think the owner will let it go to anyone who offers just the right sum of money. Blue Book is right around two grand. The owner of the truck was not actually around at the time, and it was a relative who owned the property at which it was located and handed me the keys.

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