My Kenworth T680 Truck Tour

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Here is the long awaited tour of my truck. Its a Kenworth T680 condo as they used to call it. Not sure what they call it now.

It has two bunks, room for a 22 inch tv, which I forgot to mention. You can see the mount for it when I am sitting at the desk. It also has room for a Microwave and Refrigerator/cooler. It also has curtains for the back and windshield curtains up front, which I forgot to mention as well.

Sorry this is a quick video but as you can see it is very hot in my truck. I kept the APU unit off for the video so I have good sound so you can hear me. Maybe in a future video I’ll show a little more of the truck.

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  1. That's real nice, but a bit too modern for me. I'm keeping my '88 Pete 379 until I retire, then park it in the back yard and maybe take it out for a spin once in a while.

  2. Nice truck, my favorite was always the "KW". But I wonder how many of today's drivers could "Hang" without all of these fancy gadgets?
    I began with "two stick" transmissions{shift two sticks at the same time". No Power steering, try turning a big rig or back one in without power steering.No "SPRING BRAKES"..lose your air and you've got a run away truck to get down that long grade… I lost my brakes three times and jumped from one on fire. "NO A/C" and at the end of your video you talk about "Sweat"….Try being in the desert and no a/c and it's 140 degrees in the cab. No "GPS"….Paper maps……no cruise control….."Shoe box sized sleepers….
    automatic transmissions, 350 and 400 cummings….no jake brakes.
    Today's drivers do have it loads better, but don't forget that "THE LOAD"…..always comes first.. Cant get it there on time, dont like all of the miles and need a break?…..You wont be around long.
    Ads for drivers always say….."we have more miles…..or……lots of miles…. Think about that.. The truck has to keep moving…That's one reason the trucking field is crying for drivers. Being an…."O/O" or…..contractor is great….. Big down payment to finace your own truck. and the payments, miss one or two and you will have the finace company looking for you. But they cut you a check and you pay "ALL OF THE BILLS AND DEDUCTIONS"…….That means you pay your own taxes, social security, repairs. Break down and a tow is "REALLY GOING TO COST YOU".. Look into this real close before your juices get the better of you…..running 48 states or…"line/cost to cost is hard on a married guy or one in a relationship……It is and can be a good life but it's not for a lazy man or one that wants to just drive the big rigs…….Good luck guys………A retired trucker with 25 years and 3 million miles.

  3. Hey dude! Nice to see that you're out here on the road doing OTR! Now that you've had the KW for a while, how do you like it? How is the fuel mileage? I used to watch your photography vids. Do you still do photography or just driving and video? Also, does the passenger seat swivel around to the desk? And, did Schneider have the KW with a fridge? Thanks for the Vids and we might be following you to Schneider from that company that was bought last week. We're looking at our plan B. Have a good one and be safe.

  4. I'm a retired (30+ years) Boeing/McDonnell Douglas employee. I just got my CDL (Dec 16, 2016) with all endorsements including passenger. I start orientation training with Schneider in Arizona this coming Tuesday (Jan 10 2017). I'm going to put my time in as a newbie driver. then I'll bid on better routes, with a possible IC gig like you. time will tell. my advantage is I have a great pension and can pick and choose.

  5. i would never trust a car GPS for my truck. you got ballz.
    I am an SFI IC also currently have a freight shaker debating getting a premium truck peterbilt ….
    is that KEN a much nicer ride?

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