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Not everyone likes to buy new cars. For those who don’t, we’ve put together a list of the best cars out there if you’re looking to buy something second-hand, and our list ranges from family MPVs to compact family hatchbacks, plus an posh estate car! Watch the video for the full top 10!

Full list here –
Kia Cee’d –
Kia Carens –
Fiat Panda 4×4 –
Mercedes CLS –
Vauxhall Insignia –
Vauxhall Zafira –
Chevrolet Orlando –
Toyota Verso –
Skoda Roomster –
Lexus GS –


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  1. You repeat similar statistics for different cars but don't keep using the same metrics so to compare them the vewer has to do all of the legwork. Rough concrete numbers and some more information would give you more watch time and the vewer would have been better informed.

  2. IN JAPAN CARS ARE DUMPED at 3yr age which is why many us auto parts dealers import con tainer loads. they run ok but keeping them on the road in japan a pain . i read

  3. Chevrolet Orlando is in the situation of rare and common in the Philippines. because when it was released , a lot of filipino motorists bought them and it was so common when it was new here. and nowadays , it's very rare because i don't see a lot of them in Philippine roads.

  4. this my top 10 used cars for petrolheads
    -nissan 350z
    -bmw m3 e46
    -audi rs6 avant
    -porsche boxster
    -vw golf r32
    -mercedes benz e55 amg
    -mazda rx8
    -honda s2000
    -subaru impreza wrx/wrx sti
    -mitsubishi lancer evo
    this is my list of cars for under £10.000 pounds if you agree

  5. The Kia Cee'd was a surprise. The diesel is better. At that price though, I'd take the petrol. Pity I've just ordered a Golf GTI. Can't win them all, I suppose.

  6. Just bought V40 full specs 50% off, 13 months old with 7k mileage :), it looks great, drives great and it's the safest car not only in its class

  7. It's incredible how cars depreciate in the UK. Here in Portugal the cars are expensive when new and expensive when used. If I lived there I could buy 1 almost new used car for a bargain and sell it every year. It could be a hobby. XD

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