Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery Yard in Australia

Our heavy duty tow truck yard for semi tractor trailer towing, with trucking wrecks & lorries in the suburbs of Adelaide city in the Outback State of South Australia, a vast state bigger than Texas. checkout our heavy trucking towing company Richmond Towing Adelaide facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richmond-Towing-Adelaide-Australia/802870613115185
These days we just do accident towing and our heavy vehicles jobs locally like semi tractor trailers & trucking lorries. We use to do a lot of semi tractor trailer rollover accidents & heavy vehicle breakdowns all over the state hundreds of miles away from our depot, as well a lot of car tows like repos and had a RAA service contract and Rent a Car tows city & country, as well we did a lot of trade tows like wreckers yards. If you like to know more about Big Rig & Road Trains the longest trucks on earth trucking in Outback Australia checkout website http://outbacktowing.tripod.com
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Richmond Towing was started some 40 years ago by a young man named Bob Sincock , Bob left school at the age of 14 but a lack of higher learning did not hold him back. Bob washed taxis and did other odd jobs during the day and went to trade school at night, with his trade school knowledge he built his first tow truck in the back yard of his house .He worked the truck day and night ,committing to never leave anyone down. Being a fair man, Bob would do the jobs others did not want. He would travel hundreds of miles on dirt roads to tow back someone’s truck . A lot of towies (towing operators) would not even go out of town unless they got paid first in cash. But most of the trucks were run by owner drivers who did not have that sort of money, Bob would let them pay a bit at a time until the bill was paid off. Most of the blokes he dealt with did not forget that, Some of them now have fleets of trucks and we get most of there work. Today the old house where Bob built his first tow truck is gone but we are still in the same spot and take up the whole block, Bob still gets out and gets his hands dirty.


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