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Check out this in-depth look at THE BADDEST custom lifted rigs at SEMA 2013, hosted in Las Vegas, NV. Special thanks to Johnathan Price from THELIFEOFPRICE for the awesome footage! Stop by his channel and tell him Triple-X sent ya…

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  1. Why does everyone think that when a truck gets customized it immediately has to go into the mud? I mean yeah I get it, a lot of custom trucks are made to go into mud but seriously not every truck has to.

  2. All i can say is that those trucks is NOT possible to registrate here in Croatia. We have some stupid laws and that is crazyness. Its even har to put bigger tires on your car 🙁 shiit 🙁 but i am glad that you made all your amazing trucks registrate 🙂

  3. shut up you dork your city I'm country so shut up we go mudding and you don't who cares about there trucks on this video there trucks suck you faggot IV seen better than those shitty trucks those trucks are gay

  4. even being lifted it doesn't look like there is a gain in ground clearance.the stuff between the tires is still only like a foot of the ground. seems like this is redundant.

  5. anytime people say that theyre trucks get dirty and these ones dont. is because they are junk and u dont need to care about keeping them clean. suspention alone cost more then ur jeep when new

  6. Whats with all the low profile, aggressive "off road" tires? The second you run a low tire pressure and take any of these off road they are going to destroy those nice shiny wheels….. To me personally, it just ruins the look and functionality.

  7. all you haters cause you can't afford one. cry cry cry there not meant for the dirt or the mud they are street queens and proud of it. My grandparents have a jeep patriot lol shut the fu#! up.

  8. Nice to see a video that the person actually shows the suspensions and  lifts installed. Great Job !!!  Even if all of them are princess trucks that have never seen the dirt.

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