Christian Pick Up Lines…FUNNY!

You ever wonder how Christians pick up dates?

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12 Replies to “Christian Pick Up Lines…FUNNY!”

  1. I've met some of these guys with their pickup lines, and must admit that I "fell for it" every time. I knew what these men wanted, said "Thank you, God" and went along with the fun. Surprised at how well hung some of these dudes are!

  2. My husband would pick up chicks by saying stuff like "God loves you for sure, but my cock is more fun than His". He wasn't telling a fib. Sad I divorced him mainly because of his gas leakage.

  3. I've got a winner (so far)…. goes like this: "Hi there, wow, don't you think the world is getting really nutty nowadays?" "Yeh…. and since we agree, how about sucking on both of mine in the name of Christ?"

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