Pickup Truck Spectator Drags Night Racing @Beech Ridge 2017

Elimination truck spectator drags at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway’s Day of Destruction event #3 9/8/17
Thank you to Beech Ridge and the competitors for an amazing show!! Enjoy! The video only does minor justice to the show these drivers put on!!

Cars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIei6ZaIsow


How to Draw Tools to Repair | Coloring Construction Equipment | Art Colours for Kids

How to draw tools to repair. Coloring construction equipment. Art colours for kids.

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Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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Awesome heavy equipment, new technology heavy equipment, most amazing heavy equipment

Awesome heavy equipment, new technology heavy equipment, most amazing heavy equipment.

The most amazing equipment compilation around the world, rotary screening bucket, flip screen, Hydraulic shears, multi grapple, drum cutter and barredora .

AMAZING Heavy Equipment Truck loading – Awesome Dump Truck Transport Amazing Semi Truck Pulls – Street License and Truck Race Compilation 2017: .

Amazing Modern Machines Clean Roads, World Latest Technology Heavy Equipment Machine Construction. World’s most amazing machines all modern heavy .


AGC: The Latest Construction Spending Numbers Paint Mixed Picture

Most major construction spending categories increased from July to August but activity was mixed compared to spending levels a year earlier, according to an analysis of new government data by the Associated General Contractors of America. Association officials noted that big drops in public investments mean infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and impede economic growth….

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Can you make it? | How to start a trucking company in 2016

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Heavy Construction photos – construction – #heavy #construction #photos #pics and #images for you.

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Ford F350 Diesel 4WD, Used diesel trucks for sale. # C500672A

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Construction of Bridge

Watch a simple animation video on Construction of Bridge.

Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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EZ Spot UR Attachments – Construction Equipment Attachment – Oak Pot Handler

EZ Spot UR Attachments – Live Oak Pot Handler




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In economics, the theory of contestable markets, associated primarily with its 1982 proponent William J. Baumol, holds that there are markets served by a small number of firms that are nevertheless characterized by competitive equilibria (and therefore desirable welfare outcomes) because of the existence of potential short-term entrants.

A perfectly contestable market has three main features:

No entry or exit barriers
No sunk costs
Access to the same level of technology (to incumbent firms and new entrants)

A perfectly contestable market is not possible in real life. Instead, the degree of contestability of a market is talked about. The more contestable a market is, the closer it will be to a perfectly contestable market.

Economists argue that determining price and output is actually dependent not on the type of market structure (whether it is a monopoly or perfectly competitive market) but on the threat of competition.

Thus, for example, a monopoly protected by high barriers to entry (for example, it owns all the strategic resources) will make supernormal or abnormal profits with no fear of competition. However, in the same case, if it did not own the strategic resources for production, other firms could easily enter the market, which would lead to higher competition and thus lower prices. That would make the market more contestable.

Sunk costs are those costs that cannot be recovered after a firm shuts down. For example, if a new firm enters the steel industry, the entrant needs to buy new machinery. If, for any reason, the new firm could not cope up with the competition of the incumbent firm, it will plan to move out of the market. However, if the new firm cannot use or transfer the new machines that it bought for the production of steel to other uses in another industry, the fixed costs on machinery become sunk costs so if there are sunk costs in the market, they impede the first assumption of no exit barriers. That market will not be contestable, and no firms would enter the steel industry.

It is very important for firms to have access to the same level of technology as that helps determine the average cost of the product. An incumbent firm having more knowledge and access to a technology for the production of a commodity could enjoy higher economies of scale in the form of lower average cost of production. A new firm entering the market, with insufficient information or technology, could incur a higher average cost of production and so be unable to compete with the incumbent firm. That would lead to the incumbent firm enjoying monopoly power and supernormal profit in the market, as the new firm will exit the market. A solution to the problem could be governments providing equal access to knowledge and technology, as well as financial resources for the same.

Its fundamental features are low barriers to entry and exit; in theory, a perfectly contestable market would have no barriers to entry or exit (“frictionless reversible entry” in economist William Brock’s terms). Contestable markets are characterized by “hit and run” competition; if a firm in a contestable market raises its prices much beyond the average price level of the market, and thus begins to earn excess profits, potential rivals will enter the market, hoping to exploit the price level for easy profit. When the original incumbent firm(s) respond by returning prices to levels consistent with normal profits, the new firms will exit. Because of that, even a single-firm market can show highly competitive behavior.


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Christian Pick Up Lines…FUNNY!

You ever wonder how Christians pick up dates?

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Manitex International Welcomes Western Pacific Crane & Equipment to PM Knuckleboom Dealer Network

Manitex International, Inc. , a leading international provider of cranes and specialized industrial equipment, announced Oct. 2, that Western Pacific Crane & Equipment has agreed to become a dealer for Manitex-PM knuckleboom cranes in its territories, in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and the Canadian Province of British Columbia….

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mini Excavator for sale

Kobelco SK40SR mini excavator
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Moving Truck Rentals (561) 964-4957 Lowest Price Moving Truck Rental

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There is a storage facility built into the ceiling area, known as, Mom’s attic. This not only gives you more space, but you can use it to separate the more fragile things with the rest of your belongings.

It is built lower to the ground and the ramp is longer than other trucks, which makes for a combination that saves you a lot of wear and tear on your muscles and back bone. The 26 foot moving truck has a full 13% more storage capacity than even the closest competitor.

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Heavy Equipment: How To Build An Excavator? Komatsu Build Excavator Construction Equipment Heavy

Heavy Equipment: How To Build An Excavator? Komatsu Build Excavator Construction Equipment Heavy

Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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