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Hurricane Irma Damages Three Cranes in South Florida | 2017-09-12

Two cranes in the Miami area and a third in Fort Lauderdale suffered partial collapses on Sunday, Sept. 10, during the high winds of Hurricane Irma. No injuries were reported and damage to other structures was minimal, according to local officials.

The Miami cranes came down at a time when there are approximately 24 tower cranes working in the city. On learning of the collapses, city officials contacted the general contractors and “we sought the best way to secure to tower crane arms from collapsing further and get structural engineering reports on the affected buildings,” said Maurice Pons, deputy director of the city’s buildings department, in a press conference on Sept. 11. “It’s way too early to determine exactly what happened.”

The three partial-crane collapses raised issues related to a long-simmering dispute over crane standards in Miami-Dade County, an area which has one of the country’s densest concentrations of high-rise building construction on coastal properties exposed to hurricane force winds.

“I was very disappointed that the city of Miami said cranes can withstand 145 miles-per-hour.”

–Crane inspection specialist Greg Teslia

One of the fallen cranes was at the GranParaiso high-rise condominium development, which has several other tower cranes on site. Lead contractor Plaza Construction issued a statement, saying that “the crane engineers and crane supplier took measures to secure the crane. The crane’s boom was nevertheless damaged due to high winds.”

The other damaged crane in Miami, was located at 400 Biscayne Boulevard, the site of a residential tower that will have 464 rental apartments when complete. John Moriarty & Associates of Florida is the general contractor on the project, city officials said.

The Fort Lauderdale crane was working on the Auberge Beach Residences & Spa, located at 2200 N. Ocean Blvd. The general contractor on the project is Moss Construction. A spokeswoman for Moss told the Associated Press that the crane came down around 5 p.m. Sunday. A team from Moss was on the scene Monday, Sept. 11.

Securing a crane for hurricane strength winds is a complex job, but crews and engineers need to work to the specifications of the particular make and model of the crane, according to Mike Parnell, technical director at the International Training Institute, which provides training for certification in crane operation and rigging. “It varies by manufacturer and the model. Some say you should secure the crane in all cases, others recommend you cut the swing brake and let it weathervane.”

Rigging and blocks are secured or removed as needed, and the crane is only allowed to “weathervane” if it has 360° of access normally, said Parnell.

Allowing cranes to spin freely on their turntables and weathervane is a common approach to protecting cranes in high winds, according to Parnell. “The intention is to put the jib in the least broadside perspective of the wind,” he says. “Winds can come in from all sides in a hurricane, so generally it’s considered the bast way to try and have a crane survive.” Still, he adds, no manufacturer offers recommendations for guaranteed survival of hurricane-force winds. “There’s no crane out there today that comes with a full explanation of what happens in those sort of conditions,” he says.

What Wind Speeds Can a Crane Withstand?

According to ITI’s Parnell, some cranes models can withstand only 70 mph to 80 mph winds when fixed, but may survive winds up to 140 mph when allowed to weathervane. Officially, tower cranes are supposed to meet the European standard of withstanding 93 mph winds. Reports show that at least one of the cranes in Miami had been allowed to weathervane.

A statement issued by the city of Miami on Sept. 5 said the city’s tower cranes were rated to withstand winds up to 145 mph. But crane inspection specialist Greg Teslia takes issue with the city’s statement.

“I was very disappointed that the city of Miami said cranes can withstand 145 mph,” he told ENR. “Maybe the base foundation can handle that, but the full height and the tie-ins? They’re probably not designed to handle that.” And even allowed to weathervane, cranes can have problems, says Teslia. “If cranes are rotating violently and fast in a hurricane, who’s to say the bearings in the turntable didn’t seize? A lot can happen.”

Teslia is president of Crane Safety & Inspections Inc, a third-party firm that inspects cranes and manlifts on sites across the US. CS&I has an office in South Florida, and a share of the tower cranes currently erected in Miami were inspected by the firm when they were going up and at 90-day intervals afterwards.

“The biggest problem some of these projects have is keeping to the [crane’s] engineering plan,” says Teslia, “The plan may say to jump down so many tower sections above a tie-in if there’s an oncoming storm, but it’s a problem if there’s not enough experienced crews around to jump down those tower sections in time.”

Long Fight Over Crane Safety Standard

The collapse of the two cranes in Miami also brings up a near-decade-old legislative fight. There is still debate over a 2008 crane-safety ordinance issued by Miami-Dade County which was overturned by a district court. Among other regulations, the ordinance required for cranes to meet the ASTM B30.3 standards for tower crane safety, in addition to following federal OSHA regulations and manufacturers’ recommendations.

A successful legal challenge by building and contracting groups argued that the the ordinance violated the OSH act, which sets federal safety standards above local ordinances. A district court found that the federal government set standards for wind loads on cranes.

“I was there in 2008,” recalls Teslia, who served on the county committee as an advisor on codes and standards. “Miami-Dade County wanted to do the right thing, but they were defeated.”

Federal standards for wind-load limits are not as stringent as those the proposed county ordinance, but after these recent incidents there may be signs of political will to reexamine the problem. “ This has been a big source of anxiety for people downtown,” said Ken Russell, Miami city commissioner for District 2, which includes the sites of the crane collapses. “We were fortunate [the cranes] came down on the buildings that were being constructed and did not strike any of the surrounding buildings, and no one was hurt. But for sure we as a city are going to look into legislation, regulations and practices in the future about how these cranes are handled during a storm.”

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4 p.m. Thursday weather forecast for South Florida

Meteorologist James Wieland has the 4 p.m. Thursday forecast

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Backhoe vs Excavator

Compare a Backhoe Loader to a Mini-Excavator

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January 31, 2011 Update from Big Iron, Inc. – Used Heavy Equipment Sales

Big Iron’s Director of Marketing Mr. Umut Turk Kocaman is posting videos about the company, equipment in inventory and more.

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Researcher assesses the environmental footprint of Canadian egg products — ScienceDaily

The whole food movement may be right; consumption of vegan and organic food can be the best choice for reducing environmental impacts, at least if you’re a chicken.

New research findings from UBC’s Okanagan campus show that poultry given vegan organic chicken feed can help to produce eggs with a smaller environmental footprint than those fed non-organic feeds that contain animal by-products.

Ecological economist Nathan Pelletier applied a cradle-to-customer environmental life cycle assessment of Canadian egg and egg product supply chains, with the aim to identify opportunities for system efficiency and environmental improvements. His study showed that relatively few variables–most notably, feed composition–contributed to differences in carbon emission production and resource demand.

“With over 1, 000 registered farms, producing more than 70 million tonnes of eggs annually, Canada’s egg industry is an excellent example of the opportunities and challenges in managing food production systems for sustainability objectives,” says Pelletier who holds both an Endowed Chair in Bio-economy Sustainability Management and the NSERC/Egg Farmers of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Sustainability at UBC Okanagan.

Pelletier’s life cycle assessment of Canadian egg farms considered all of the supply chain activities–from type of feed and housing, to manure management–associated with egg production. His is a very systematic approach, which quantifies the flows of materials, energy, and emissions associated with activities all along the supply chain.

Pelletier’s findings showed that the type of feed and manure management system had the greatest influence on environmental impacts of all the variables examined. Organic feed derived from non-livestock sources, required fewer resources and had lower emissions than conventional feed.

“Canadian egg farming is highly diverse. Farms range in size from several hundred hens to more than 400,000, and farm-level efficiencies vary,” says Pelletier. “There is a large gap between the laggers and leaders in terms of environmental performance. This is where the opportunity to improve lies.”

This is the first national benchmark study of Canadian egg supply chains and Pelletier believes that it offers important insights for improving the sustainability profile of the industry. “This data will allow supply chain participants to gauge their individual performance relative to national and housing system-specific benchmarks, and to understand how and to what extent they can improve their performance.”

“Our next step is to build a web-based tool that will enable farmers to measure their farm-specific impacts, set goals, and to report and communicate their sustainability performance,” he says. “Ultimately, a reduction in resource use and emissions intensity by over 50 percent nation-wide may be possible.”

Consumption of eggs and egg products in Canada has consistently increased every year since 2010, and poultry and egg products produced here generate more than $1 billion in industry profit.

The study, published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, was supported by funds from the Egg Farmers of Canada.

Story Source:

Materials provided by University of British Columbia Okanagan campus. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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What is the cheapest truck ? – 2016 F-150 XLT

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Don’t take my word for it! Here are some additional resources for you to consider as you are doing more research:

The Car Connection gives a simple, yet reputable review of the 2016 F-150.
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One of the best ways to get the information and pricing you need is to go direct to the source. Ford.ca allows you to explore the truck, build the truck, and access pricing in your local area!
http://www.ford.ca (Ford Canada)

Auto Trader reviews in short Canada’s 25 best selling vehicles. The F-150 is #1 for the 6th year in a row!!
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If you live in New Westminster, BC, Metro Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia, I can help you find the right vehicle for you.
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Ryan Leverette | Internet Sales Manager, Key West Ford | ryan@keywestford.com


Heavy Construction News – Globalization made economic production more vulnerable to climate change — ScienceDaily – #Construction #News

Heavy Construction Photos

The susceptibility of the global economic network to workers’ heat-stress has doubled in the last decade, a new study published in the journal Science Advances finds. The analysis by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Columbia University shows for the first time how enhanced connectivity of the global network of supply can amplify production losses, as these losses can be spread more easily across countries.

“Climate damages do not only depend on the warming of our planet, but also on the resilience of our societies and economies,” says lead author Leonie Wenz. “Our study shows that since the beginning of the 21st century the structure of our economic system has changed in a way that production losses in one place can more easily cause further losses elsewhere.” The study examines the example of local heat-stress-related productivity reductions causing global effects. Across the world, production is interlinked. “What is self-evident for us today is really a phenomenon of the last two decades,” Wenz explains.

From typhoons to heat-stress on workers: local events, global effects

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines destroyed more than half the world’s production of coconut oil which is one of the two most commonly used vegetable fats in food production worldwide. The 2011 flood in Queensland stopped production in the fourth biggest coal exploration site on Earth for weeks, with economic repercussions well beyond Australia. While single major shocks to economic networks like these illustrate how economic activity is globally linked, the researchers focused on the effects of small daily perturbations due to extreme temperatures leading to heat-stress among workers in construction, agriculture and other economic sectors. Previous research shows that increasing temperatures decrease productivity, because, for instance, workers get exhausted more rapidly.

The study covers economic flows between 26 industry sectors from mining and quarrying to textiles and wearing apparel and to post and telecommunications as well as final demand in 186 countries. Combining data on temperature, population and the global economic network from 1991-2011 and based on existing research on temperature effects on workers, the scientists run computer simulations of heat-stress consequences in order to find out more about the network’s vulnerability to the propagation of production losses in each year.

“This is the basis for implementing appropriate adaptation measures”

“With unabated climate change, the effects of increasing weather extremes, like most recently seen in Paris, will have severe impacts on natural and societal systems,” says co-author Anders Levermann. “To estimate the costs of future climate change we need to assess global economic impacts of more frequent heat extremes and meteorological impacts, such as floods and tropical storms, and understand their relation to the economic network’s structure. This is the basis for implementing appropriate adaptation measures — in a warming world with more intense weather extremes it is likely that society needs to become more resilient and more flexible.”

Story Source:

Materials provided by Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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