Excavator Videos For Children, Excavator And Bulldozer Work, Excavator Construction Machines At Work

Excavator Videos For Children, Excavator And Bulldozer Work, Excavator Construction Machines At Work
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Excavator. Surely everyone has heard the excavator. What is excavator? What do people use excavator for? What sort of excavator?
All the definitions, names and utilities of the excavator will be covered by the Construction Equipment section in this article.
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1. Define the excavator.
What is excavator? Obviously the excavator is a kind of machinery then not. According to the wiki excavator is also called excavator, so called because the excavator can dig up the soil, materials … Because it uses versatile so we see the excavator. It appears in many places, in construction works or in mining areas, in people’s lives, such as digging ditches, digging sewers, digging ditches, digging ponds, etc.
Can you answer simply if anyone asked what is excavator? Excavator is a kind of equipment or a machine that has the effect of excavating, excavating materials such as soil, minerals, etc. If defining excavator scientifically, the wiki is defined as follows. :
“Excavator is a mechanical excavator consisting of hand, bucket and cab mounted on the wheel”
There are two definitions for the question “What is excavator?” Now we go into the details of a excavator.
2. Sorting excavator.
Regarding the excavator classification, one can classify according to the moving mechanism, bucket type and working principle.
A. Sorting excavator by moving mechanism.
Crawler loaders and wheel loaders. In that crawler loaders are used a lot with complex terrain but slow and wheel loaders are advantageous is the speed of moving much faster than the crawler.

B. Sorting bucket excavator.
– Tilting bucket (reverse bucket) is often called digger, suitable for digging stone, inclined to dig deeper than the position of the vertical machine. Used to dig lakes, rivers, streams …
– Backhoe bulldozers, commonly referred to as backhoe dumpers, are suitable for excavating stone, shoveling material across the body.
There are also excavators, which are often referred to as excavators: bucket excavators, bucket dredges, bucket dredges, bucket dredgers.
C. Sorting excavators according to working principle
– Hydraulic excavator: hydraulic dredging operation
– Cable Transmission: Operated by hoist system (very little use).
3. Types of excavator used.
In fact, the type of excavator used mainly according to the needs of many uses are two types of excavators (bucket excavator) and rollers (rollers). Both excavators are powered by a hydraulic cylinder that works under very high operating pressures suitable for a variety of terrain conditions.
In order to meet the demand for excavators, there are many manufacturers of excavators in the world. Among them are American, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian … Commonly used excavators such as: Liugong excavators, Komatsu excavators, XCMG excavators, XGMA excavators, Hyundai excavators, Kobelco excavators, Doosan excavators and SDLG loaders with many sizes and capacities. .
For what the machine parts say above can not be enough about the contents of the excavator. Please follow the next article to better understand this type of construction machine.

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Uses and classifies bulldozers
The bulldozer is a soil tiller that consists of a basic tractor and a set of tools used to dig, transport and level the surface of the concrete.
In fact bulldozers are often used for the following tasks:
– The bulldozer used to dig ponds, canals and shallow ditches
– The bulldozer used to dig up big nails
– The bulldozer used to train roads with an elevation not exceeding 2 meters
– The bulldozer used to san large grounds for the construction of squares, stadiums, industrial zones and new urban areas
– The bulldozer used to place grooves on the pipes or foundations after the construction.
– The bulldozer used to clear the site waste material after the works are completed
– The bulldozer used to place the material in a high heap to make the excavator work more efficiently.
– The bulldozer used to propel the scraper when the scraper meets the snake soil
– The bulldozer used to pull the other means.

Classification of bulldozers for each functional area, configuration, traction

1, Classification based on the angle of the iron compared to the vertical axis of the machine.
– universal bulldozer
– bulldozers
2, Based on the method of bulldozer control.
– Hydraulic driven bulldozers
– Cable driven bulldozers.

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