Insley drag line for sale | sold at auction September 15, 2011

SOLD! Construction Equipment Internet Auction
This asset was for sale and sold for a contract price of $3,960 in an absolute, no-reserve Internet auction by Purple Wave on September 15, 2011
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Insley drag line
Ford six cylinder diesel engine
40' boom
Hendrix 1/2 yd. bucket
Serial 46891
Serial 6008

It was located in Mclouth, KS, and we sold it to the highest bidder for $3,960.

Purple Wave makes all auction prices available on our auction results page at


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Heavy Tools

Heavy Tools

luckily there was no fence or permission signs on the field so I explored the area where a street is planned. I decided to make a colorkey picture of the digger.

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Heavy Construction photos – Heavy Tools – #heavy #construction #photos #pics and #images for you.

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Heavy Equipment Accidents # amazing attachment equipment modern machinery in the world #HD #2017

#HeavyEquipmentAccidents #2017 # 2016 The awesome videos compilation of attachment equipment new technology.

Hello every one, if you like to see the most amazing excavator with attachment many tools, here is the videos most useful for experience using heavy excavator .

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The best collection of most amazing heavy equipment new compilation in the world, attaching this videos you will seen railway excavator attachments, how .

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Forest Service Road Maintenance Series: Forest Roads and the Environment

Forest Service Road Maintenance Series: Forest Roads and the Environment – USDA Forest Service 2002 – Video VH-416A – An introduction to maintenance of low volume roads. Emphasis is on the interaction of the road and the environment. Stresses that proper maintenance of the roadway actually helps keep the ecosystem in balance. It is possible for roads and nature to coexist, however it takes effort and planning. Lessons such as: Disturb the soil only when absolutely necessary. And, when it is necessary, use a light touch are applicable beyond the nation’s forests, to other low volume, unpaved roads, that serve multiple needs (recreation and commercial) and that run through otherwise natural environment.


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Construction Collection part 5 – Building a Better Tomorrow (Trailer for DVD)

Visit to view more trailers or purchase quality Tractor, Farm Machinery and Countryside DVDs.

Follow the progress of three giants of agricultural manufacturing as they begin to put down roots in the Construction and Industrial sector with this exciting collection of remarkable archive films from Massey Ferguson, Ford and International Harvester.

Man’s battles with the natural elements are demonstrated to the full in the films featured in part five of our Construction Collection DVD programmes.

From taming the new frontier in America’s West Coast, building the huge Glen Canyon Dam over the massive Colorado River to answering the need for conservation in Britain, International Harvester machines were there to answer the inevitable call and provide the best possible service.

We feature a wide range of IH machines in five un-edited films. From the new 270 pay-scraper to the massive TD30 dozers and the dependable 125 loaders to the huge PH180 haulers plus many more, all working hard to satisfy our demand for progress.

From industrial tractors to huge sophisticated machinery built to move the earth, the collection presents some of Massey Ferguson, IH & Ford’s most successful construction equipment and the innovations which enabled them to build sturdy foundations and cement their position among the world leaders in construction machinery manufacture.


I-Team: Questions of Influence Peddling with Georgia DOT Mowing Contracts

by Dale Russell
Aired August 26, 2016

ATLANTA – A Georgia DOT contract to mow grass and weeds along Georgia highways has raised questions of influence peddling.

Our FOX 5 I-Team investigation found one company with no mowing experience and twice rejected by the D-O-T staff ended up with a 5 year 15 million dollar contract in Atlanta.

The politically connected Southeast Georgia company, Road Services, was given a chance to bid, even though the staff warned top DT officials that the inexperienced company would be taking on a dangerous job that had historically caused injuries and deaths in Georgia.

Last fall, DOT put its statewide mowing contracts out to bid. Eight companies put in proposals, including Roadside Services, owned by Neal Howard.

Howard is the son of former longtime DNR Captain and Pierce County commission chairman, Bobby Howard.

Bobby Howard was best friends with a legendary Georgia politician who was director of State Parks, George Bagby.

“I guess if you look back on it,” says Howard, “I guess we are well connected.”

Neal Howard has worked with Georgia DOT for more than 20 years striping roads. But, he had no experience mowing roadsides.

When he submitted a proposal to be qualified to bid, the DOT staff gave his company low ratings, in part because of his lack of mowing experience. They found his proposal non responsive and said he wasn’t qualified to bid.

Howard disagreed, saying his striping experience was more than enough.

“When you are working in traffic every day for 20 plus years,” says Howard, “it is way more difficult and way more serious than mowing a ditch and picking up trash.”

Howard asked for a second chance as allowed by DOT regulations. Howard put in a new proposal showing he hired someone with road paving experience.

But, DOT emails show the staff still found Road Services had “no mowing experience” and they did not “warrant a passing score.”

Maintenance Engineer, Bill Wright, warned top DOT brass that highway mowing is extremely dangerous and the DOT has had numerous injuries and fatalities due to the nature of the work.

End of story? Not even close. DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry says three top DOT managers including his deputy commissioner, Mike Dover, ignored the staff’s double denial and let Road Services bid on the mowing contract. Commissioner McMurry told me he wanted to give more companies an opportunity to bid on new contracts.

But our investigation found heavy political lobbying by Neal Howard may have played a role in the decision.

Following the first denial, Neal Howard called every political contact he had. He said he called his state representative, Chad Nimmer, and he met in State Senator Tyler Harper’s office with the DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry.

“He (McMurry) happened to be in there, when I was seeing Tyler Harper. I told him I was going to bid on a lot of categories, he said great,” says Howard

McMurry insists that meeting was after his senior staff overruled the double denial and allowed Road Services to bid.

“When I met with him, there was a meeting to say, here is a guy trying to do business with Georgia DOT, that was the nature of the meeting,” says McMurry. “So, it was an introduction from them to me. At that point he was still in application process.”

Mr. McMurry told us since the state had yet to seek bids from the contractors he could meet with Neal Howard.

But, DOT rules clearly state during the process to select qualified companies, those companies “are not allowed to communicate…with any staff of DOT, including the commissioner, DOT Board Members and Legislators”

Howard Neal says flatly: “They all helped me. They all helped me. Not one person. They all went to bat for me.”

Twelve days after Neal Howard met with the DOT Commissioner he and two other mowing companies that originally weren’t qualified were allowed to bid.

Howard was the low bidder, by some 2 million dollars, in the Atlanta area. The state, concerned about the low bid, awarded him the contract anyway. A deal that didn’t turn out so well for taxpayers.

According to state DOT files, Road Services had serious problems almost immediately on the job. Within two months the DOT revoked Road Services’ contract – saying they failed to meet mowing schedules.

Howard claims his company was the victim of an overzealous inspector who nit-picked their work and held them up.

“We couldn’t finish any amount before he’d make us go back and do little nitpicking things,” says Howard.

Commissioner McMurry says, “Basically, the taxpayers suffered while the grass grew and the litter was collecting on roadways and that was not being taken care of.”

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Best Bitcoin Mining Company 2017: Hashing24, Genesis Mining Or Galaxy Mining?

Best bitcoin mining company 2017: hashing24, genesis mining or galaxy mining?Let’s calculate which one is the best cryptocurrency mining company and who has the best offer for your money for bitcoin mining. Update: hashing24 is a confirmed scam.
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↳Total cost for 3 years : $1667.7
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☆Genesis mining: $450 lifetime contract + $0.00028 per GH/s (x 3000 = $0.84 daily x 30 = $25.2 monthly). So that’s a yearly maintenance fee of $302.4
↣You rent the equipment
↳Total cost for 3 years : $1357.2

☆Galaxy mining: $500 in total for a 3 year contract with compounding feature
Only with galaxy mining and genesis mining of the three have the possibility to mine other coins. Genesis has dash mining, ethereum mining, litecoin mining, monero mining and zcash mining while galaxy mining currently has ethereum, zcash and expanse mining. But more cryptocurrencies will be added in the future.
↣You OWN the equipment! NO cloud mining!
↳Total cost for 3 years: $500

Let’s calculate which one has the best offer for your money for mining cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin.
►Example of 20MH/s

☆Genesis mining: $600 ($30 per MH/s) for a 2 year contract

☆Galaxy mining: $500 retail contract for 17.8MH/s ($28,09MH/s) for a 3 year contract (because of repurchases longer as long as mining is profitable).

►Example of 100MH/s

☆Genesis mining: $2799 ($27.99 per MH/s) and no maintenance fee, 2 year contract

☆Galaxy mining: $2500 for a 3 year wholesale mining contract for 92.5MH/s + bonus 18.5MH/s = 111MH/s. For contracts like this above $500 you first have to purchase a membership of $400 before you can enjoy higher contracts at better rates and wholesale price. The membership is for life, and you can buy as many contracts as you want, bitcoin contracts as well as multimining contracts. So $400 + $2500 = $2900 ($2900 : 111MH/s = $26.13per MH/s if you calculate the cost of the one time member package). Price per MH without calculating the membership : $2500 : 111MH/s = $22.52 per MH/s!

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Extreme Machines Crushing Concrete and Steel: HydremagAG Attachments in Action

Interesting video of HydremagAG excavator attachments in action . Several attachments are tested, including: the Remu EX 140 , the DARDA CC320, the MSP 1000R, the MSP 870R and more.

HydremagAG is a Swiss company.

(Some scenes were accelerated)

Video credit: HydremagAG , Post-production by Extreme Machines Magazine
Sector of activity: excavator attachments

About Extreme Machines Magazine:

Extreme Machines Magazine is a website and also a YouTube Channel. From the giant car companies to the small craft company, we want to share the most interesting industrial processes around the world in a fun way.
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Buying vs Renting – Video Production Equipment

In this Tip From The Top we cover when to buy equipment vs when to rent. Learn the 3 main scenarios when renting makes more sense.
Like us at to get exclusive information about our full video production course. These online tutorials will give you the business systems you need to have in place to run a successful video production company. Whether you are an experienced videographer or a newbie with passion and a camera, we will teach you the tools and techniques to build or expand your film business.

Your creative process. Our business systems.

In this TFTT Video:

00:53 Just Starting Out
01:21 Preparing to Make a Large Purchase
01:59 Equipment that Quickly Becomes Outdated


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Starting A Construction Company – 4 Step Checklist

FREE Guide – How to Start a Career in Construction:

Full course-

Learn about starting a construction company by following these 4 steps! Whether you need to learn how to start a construction company with no money, or you’re just working on a construction company business plan, this video will point you in the right direction.

This video is based off of a much longer video course published at Construct-Ed, where Chris Jurin teaches you how to start building your own contractor company, or construction business.

Chris has over 22 years of experience working in commercial roofing, and also has started multiple construction businesses, including a roof infraspection company, and Construct-Ed, an online learning platform for skilled trades.

Here’s a few of the things that this video and Chris’ full course will cover:

– important advisors for your construction business start-up
– Learn to speak the accounting language
– Finding a legal attorney
– Getting an insurance broker or agent who is experienced in construction
– sales and marketing
– laying a solid foundation for your contractor business

Whether you’re a student looking to start your own trades company, or whether you’re in the industry already looking to branch out on your own, this video will help get you started.

Follow along with the four steps in this checklist, and be sure to check out the full course for more information and teaching.

So learn how to start a construction company: get started today!!

Heavy Construction Videos – #Construction #Videos #HeavyConstruction

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Volvo D-series Series Crawler Excavators Launch video (LRM)

Leave the big jobs to the heavy equipment machines you can rely on.
Get top hydraulic excavator performance from the Volvo D-series excavators.
Bring on the heavy-duty applications in a wide range of demanding conditions, including mining, quarry work, civil construction, mass excavation, hauler truck loading, trenching, large-scale road building, pipe lifting and more.
The Volvo D-series excavators help you to handle more tons per hour, large buckets, smooth control, leading fuel efficiency and all-day comfortable operation.