weather news & videos – Alert! USA Weather Bomb! Huge Storms to double Penetrate the USA! East & West Coast! – #weather #news #videos

We’ve got storms across the world & The Atlantic & Pacific American coasts getting hit with two strange storm fronts, a new Coronal Mass Ejection and Solar Flare and a Jet Stream that is confused or broken or both. So don’t take any chances, don’t drive ice or in puddles you don’t know how deep they are. The Northeast is going to get hammered for days so please stock up. The West Coast will probably get hit for a few days also. So everybody be cool and stay cool.

The Wind Wall that caused the drought has now decided to give y’all a bunch of rainstorms and mudslides in the form of an atmospheric river. So be careful. Watch out along the 1 for avalanches.

California always has a little bit of everything when it comes to danger.

Both Coasts could see record snowfall and rainfall
this week and this winter.

The climate and weather be changing, boss!

December 2014 Weird Weather Watch !

I didn’t cover it in this video but it sounds like Europe is getting pummeled also.

Locally damaging winds will spread into areas from northern France to Germany and southern Scandinavia late Thursday into Friday. Cities that may be impacted by damages winds include Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Berlin, Germany.

Alexandra a low-pressure system intensified quickly near the southern tip of Greenland Monday, easily meeting formal meteorological criteria for “bombogenesis,” a term coined in the 20th century to describle non-tropical low pressure systems whose central pressure drops at least 24 millibars in 24 hours.

Lots of sudden and extreme bursts of wind and pressure gusts, giant waves and high tide.

In fact, the U.K. Met Office is forecasting “phenomenal” seas in the waters west of Ireland and south of Iceland. The World Meteorological Organization defines a “phenomenal” sea state as one with wave heights in excess of 14 meters, or about 46 feet. A buoy northwest of Scotland peaked at 52 feet on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, thousands lost power in the Western Isles of Scotland and ferry services was disrupted in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The BBC s that a weather station located on Saint Kilda measured a wind gust of 144 mph on Wednesday. For perspective, the sustained winds within a Category 4 hurricane range from 130-156 mph.

Ireland too. wow.

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