Construction Videos – Bobcat Utility Vehicle Safety – #Construction #Videos

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In this Bobcat Company training video, you’ll learn basic safety rules and instructions for operating Bobcat® utility vehicles. Although this video contains many valuable guidelines, your operation and maintenance manual is your primary guide for safe operation and maintenance.

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Construction photos – Orchard Park construction site – #Construction #Photos

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Orchard Park construction site

Typical. You wait around for ages and then four of them come along all at once.

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Construction Videos – Deere & Company – Hot or Not – #Construction #Videos

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Deere & Company manufactures equipment for agriculture, turf, construction and forestry. It has a market cap of $26.28 billion, a PE of 16.64 and a dividend yield of 2.89 per cent. Guest Joseph Busha from JM BUSHA Investment Group and resident expert Paul Theron from Vestact decide whether Deere & Company is hot or not.


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Construction Videos – Backhoe Loader And Light Tower by Terex Equipment (p) Ltd., Greater Noida – #Construction #Videos

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[] Terex India is a fully owned subsidiary of Terex Corporation, a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms, Construction, Cranes, Material Handling and Port Solutions, and Materials Processing.


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Heavy Construction News – #reuters #News

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PARIS Airbus (AIR.PA) sales chief John Leahy, one of the dominant figures of modern aviation, hinted on Thursday he would retire this autumn, as he wrapped up what he said would be his last air show by revealing a few precious negotiating tricks.

The 67-year-old New Yorker, who has overseen the sale of more than 10,000 aircraft worth $1 trillion since 1994, has said he plans to retire by end-year. But he went a step further on Thursday as he ruled out going to the Dubai Airshow in November.

He pledged to ensure a smooth transition to his designated internal successor, Kiran Rao.

“We want to have a smooth transition with Kiran and the team. We don’t want people sitting around the canteen trying to figure out ‘what does this mean for me’?”

After suffering a rare air show defeat at the hands of Boeing in brutal heat at the Paris Airshow this week, Leahy talked about the pros and cons of a stage he has made his own.

It turns out the man who has reigned supreme over air shows for more than 20 years was never particularly fond of them.

“After I retire I will not come back to an air show. I don’t see any reason to do that. Air shows are hot and sometimes very wet, they can be cold and windy, they are crowded, you never have enough time for people,” he said.

“The only useful thing about an air show is that it is a deadline, a point in time. You talk to people when negotiations have been going on for months…and you say ‘this is my best and final (offer); it can be announced at the air show and we have got a deal,’ and they say ‘no I want more’,” he said.

“Then you have to say ‘if you didn’t get it from me during the air show, what makes you think you are going to get it from me the week after it?’ So it becomes a deadline: that is about the only use I see in air shows.”

Most often, the recipe seems to work.

Insiders say talks can and often do drag through the night, with barely time to change before a morning press conference, such as a $14 billion deal with Wizz Air over ordered-in pizza that stole the last Paris Airshow from Boeing in 2015.

Now, Boeing is on the offensive and won this year’s biennial event, thanks to the launch of a new model and the apparently deliberate spacing of air show announcements to keep up a drumbeat that put Airbus under pressure from day one.

Industry watchers said those techniques are directly out of the Leahy playbook, but this time they worked for his rival.

Asked whether he thought Boeing had borrowed his air show strategy, he said, “Yes, very much so.”

But asked earlier if Airbus had lost momentum, Leahy said orders had been expected to be lower this year.

Boeing’s recently appointed sales chief Ihssane Mounir paid tribute to the man he had just out-competed for air show orders.

“I have nothing but respect for John Leahy. He is an icon in the industry and has been instrumental in the success Airbus has had over the years,” Mounir told Reuters.

Although silver-tongued in public and always ready to snap into salesman mode, Leahy is surprisingly reluctant to talk about himself, but retains a lightning return of serve.

Asked to describe his greatest achievement, he countered, “Keeping my cool with reporters”.

(Reporting by Tim Hepher; Editing by Adrian Croft)

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Self Help Tips – Ladder Safety Should Be Tops for Home Improvers – Home – #SelfHelp #Tips

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(NewsUSA) -As the warm weather of spring and summer arrives, ambitious and well-intentioned homeowners embark on cleaning, maintenance, and improvement projects that often involve roofs, gutters, and ladders. However, working on a ladder can be dangerous.

Consider this: every year, approximately 164,000 people visit emergency rooms in the United States because of ladder accidents, according to data from the World Health Organization.

Underscoring the fact that lack of knowledge about ladder safety is a growing problem are recent survey results published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine which found that the number of ladder-related injuries in the United States has increased by more than 50 percent in 15 years.

Professionals and nonprofessionals alike can benefit by keeping some safety tips in mind, courtesy of the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

-Stand firm. When positioning a ladder anywhere around your home, be sure to place it level on firm ground.

-Have a partner, but go solo. When climbing a ladder, have another person with you to hold the lower end for extra safety and support. However, only one person at a time should be on a ladder so it doesn’t become top-heavy and fall over.

-Don’t go to the top. Never stand on the top rung of a ladder, and don’t reach from a ladder. Instead, climb down and move the ladder to the location of your choice.

-Watch for doors. Never place a ladder near a door that can be opened; an unexpected exit could lead to a ladder accident.

-Be shoe smart. Wear shoes with clean, dry soles when working on ladders. Avoid sandals or flip flops.

Most importantly, don’t forget the rule of three: According to the American Ladder Institute, the “Three Points of Contact” rule means keeping either two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand in contact with the steps, rungs, or side rails of a ladder at all times to reduce chances of a slip or fall.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance are among the highest risk activities for ladder injuries. One option to reduce the risk is to install rain dispersal gutters that don’t require routine cleaning.

Products such as the Rainhandler Rain Dispersal system are engineered to keep leaves and debris out of gutters.

Visit for more information about how the right gutter management can simplify home maintenance.

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Heavy Construction News – Flexible wearable electronics use body heat for energy — ScienceDaily – #Construction #News

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In a proof-of-concept study, North Carolina State University engineers have designed a flexible thermoelectric energy harvester that has the potential to rival the effectiveness of existing power wearable electronic devices using body heat as the only source of energy.

Wearable devices used to monitor a variety of health and environmental measures are becoming increasingly popular. The performance and efficiency of flexible devices, however, pale in comparison to rigid devices, which have been superior in their ability to convert body heat into usable energy.

“We wanted to design a flexible thermoelectric harvester that does not compromise on the material quality of rigid devices yet provides similar or better efficiency,” said Mehmet Ozturk, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and corresponding author of a paper describing the work. “Using rigid devices is not the best option when you consider a number of different factors.” Ozturk mentioned superior contact resistance — or skin contact — with flexible devices, as well as the ergonomic and comfort considerations to the device wearer.

Ozturk said that he and colleagues Michael Dickey and Daryoosh Vashaee wanted to utilize the best thermoelectric materials used in rigid devices in a flexible package, so that manufacturers wouldn’t need to develop new materials when creating flexible devices.

Ozturk said one of the key challenges of a flexible harvester is to connect thermoelectric elements in series using reliable, low-resistivity interconnects. “We use a liquid metal of gallium and indium — a common, non-toxic alloy called EGaIn — to connect the thermoelectric ‘legs,'” Ozturk said. “The electric resistance of these connections is very low, which is critical since the generated power is inversely proportional to the resistance: Low resistance means more power.

“Using liquid metal also adds a self-healing function: If a connection is broken, the liquid metal will reconnect to make the device work efficiently again. Rigid devices are not able to heal themselves,” Ozturk added.

Ozturk said future work will focus on improving the efficiencies of these flexible devices, by using materials and techniques to further eliminate parasitic resistances.

Dickey, Vashaee, Francisco Suarez, Dishit P. Parekh and Collin Ladd co-authored the paper, which appears in Applied Energy. The group also has a pending patent application on the technology.

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Materials provided by North Carolina State University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Heavy Construction News – Catalyst mimics the z-scheme of photosynthesis — ScienceDaily – #Construction #News

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A team of chemists from the University of Kentucky and the Institute of Physics Research of Mar del Plata in Argentina has just reported a way to trigger a fundamental step in the mechanism of photosynthesis, providing a process with great potential for developing new technology to reduce carbon dioxide levels.

Led by Marcelo Guzman, an associate professor of chemistry in the UK College of Arts and Sciences, and Ruixin Zhou, a doctoral student working with Guzman, the researchers used a synthetic nanomaterial that combines the highly reducing power of cuprous oxide (Cu2O) with a coating of oxidizing titanium dioxide (TiO2) that prevents the loss of copper (I) ion in the catalyst. The catalyst made of Cu2O/TiO2 has the unique ability to transfer electrons for reducing the atmospheric greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) while simultaneously breaking the molecule of water (H2O). The unique feature of this catalyst for electron transfer mimics the so called “Z-scheme” mechanism from photosynthesis.

Published in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, the researchers demonstrated that if the catalyst is exposed to sunlight, electrons are transferred to CO2 in a process that resembles the way photosystems 1 and 2 operate in nature.

“Developing the materials that can be combined to reduce CO2 through a direct Z-scheme mechanism with sunlight is an important problem,” said Zhou. “However, it is even more difficult to demonstrate the process actually works. From this scientific viewpoint, the research is contributing to advance feature technology for carbon sequestration.”

This is a task that many scientists have been pursuing for a long time but the challenge is to prove that both components of the catalyst interact to enable the electronic properties of a Z-scheme mechanism. Although a variety of materials may be used, the key aspect of this research is that the catalyst is not made of scarce and very expensive elements such as rhenium and iridium to drive the reactions with sunlight energy reaching the Earth’s surface. The catalyst employed corrosion resistant TiO2 to apply a white protective coating to octahedral particles of red Cu2O.

The team designed a series of experiments to test out the hypothesis that the catalyst operates through a Z-scheme instead of using a double-charge transfer mechanism. The measured carbon monoxide (CO) production from CO2 reduction, the identification of hydroxyl radical (HO* ) intermediate from H2O oxidation en route to form oxygen (O2), and the characterized electronic and optical properties of the catalyst and individual components verified the proposed Z-scheme was operational.

The next goal of the research is to improve the approach by exploring a series of different catalysts and identify the most efficient one to transform CO2 into chemical fuels such as methane. This way, new technology will be created to supply clean and affordable alternative energy sources and to address the problem of continuous consumption of fossil fuels and rising levels of greenhouse gases.

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Materials provided by University of Kentucky. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Construction Videos – Plague Inc Custom Scenario: Cult Of Cthulhu | RAISE THE OLD GODS! – #Construction #Videos

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Cult of Cthulhu is a classic Plague Inc Custom Scenario. Can we bring back the Old God and convert the world to his cause?
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Business News – How to Get More Money for Your Business – Business #Business #News

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(NewsUSA) – Congress and the Obama Administration, working in concert, may have produced monumental changes to SEC law and regulation that could stimulate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the United States.

The changes are potentially significant, affecting millions nationwide. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses in America account for 49 percent of all private sector employment. There are about 28 million small businesses and SMEs, making up about 46 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), with a total value reaching $7.7 trillion dollars.

Despite the fact that these smaller entities account for more than 99 percent of all U.S. businesses, the Federal regulatory climate has been tilted towards the challenge of controlling large-scale companies. The resulting body of complex law and regulation has created a challenging maze for SMEs to navigate. As a result, small businesses have had fewer options for raising capital, depressing job creation and employment opportunity.

“So much of our national focus has been on the excesses of big banks that we have forgotten that the real economic engine of the U.S. is small business,” notes REGULUS CEO David Emery. “We need to give small businesses a means to reach their potential.”

That is where the changes in SEC law and regulation come into play. In April 2012, President Obama signed a bipartisan bill nicknamed “The JOBS Act.” The bill is intended to level the playing field by streamlining regulatory requirements, allowing small businesses and SMEs access to billions of dollars held by private investors.

Now, in theory, smaller business will be able to utilize the same mechanisms previously held by larger corporations to raise capital for growth and expansion.

The law is new and much has yet to be determined regarding its effectiveness and application. In addition, many tough and complicated safeguards remain to prevent fraud and abuse. SMEs hoping to use JOBS Act provisions may want to consider counsel from a qualified and experienced service provider.

One such provider is REGULUS. The entity was established to give advisory services to the SME community, with a specific focus on middle-sized businesses.

REGULUS is comprised of a team of hands-on experts who offer personalized resources, including due diligence review, drafting business plans and regulatory filings, and providing strategic business and management consulting.

As exciting changes take hold, these services may prove invaluable to affected businesses.

To learn more, visit REGULUS at

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A research of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has shown that the inclusion of agroindustrial by-products in pig feed can reduce the nitrous oxide emissions (N2O) of the slurry used as manures up to 65%.

The aim of this study carried out by UPM researchers with the collaboration of Institute for Animal Science and Technology of UPV was to influence the ingredients of pig diet to modify the composition of slurry used as manures and to assess the possible variations on N2O emissions.

According to the results, soils amended with slurries obtained from modified diets (with orange pulp and carob) decreased N2O emissions by 65 and 47%, respectively, compared with slurries obtained through a conventional pig diet. These results show the potential of alternative strategies of animal feeding to reduce the environmental issues associated with agriculture.

Nitrogen fertilizers, organic or mineral, are responsible for most of the N2O emissions from agricultural activity. This gas has a heating potential 300 times higher than CO2, this is the reason why it is essential to develop mitigation strategies. N2O emissions are mainly caused by microbiological processes known as nitrification and denitrification. When a nitrogen fertilizer is added to the soil, it increases its microbiological activity by activating both processes that at the same time they depend on factors such as such as climatic, edaphic and field management.

So far the measures to mitigate nitrous oxide emissions (N2O) were focused on crop management. However, researchers from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid y Universidad Politécnica de Valencia have focused on the beginning of the chain, where the animal by-products are produced and then are revalued as fertilizers.

Two by-products typical from the Mediterranean region were selected to carry out this study, orange pulp and carob. These by-products were added into commercial diets of pigs in substitution of cereals, being respectful with the balance that these diets require to satisfy the animal needs.

It was proved that, without a doubt, the excreted components through feces and urine (slurry), for example nitrogenous fractions, lignin, phenolic compounds, etc., varied according to diet. Slurries were used as fertilizers on agricultural soils cultivated with ryegrass, a forage plant used as food for livestock. The N2O emissions were compared to the emissions generated in soils with slurry obtained from pigs fed with a traditional diet.

The slurry analysis revealed that the amount of benzoic acid and hippuric acid varied according to the type of diet. It turned out that emissions decreased in soils with higher amount of benzoic acid provided by slurries. This is because such acid reduced the denitrifying microbial capacity of soils which is responsible for most of the N2O emissions to the atmosphere. Taking into account that the hippuric acid degrade into the soil to benzoic acid, slurries with higher amount of these acids released less N2O emissions than the rest of slurries.

Story Source:

Materials provided by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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