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Bobby McIntyre loves to sing and write and produce great music. With a passion to help people worldwide. You can find Bobby on both sides of the industry, as a promoter and rising artist himself. His vocal range is something to take notice of as well. He is able to sing Pure Country and then pull off the high notes of Rock stars like Steve Perry and Lou Gramm. His debut album “The One” really does not even showcase his complete vocal range. Bobby also likes to experiment with multiple styles of music from pure country, Pop,R&B, to all-out power ballad rock.

Bobby McIntyre is a top 10 Artist and top 20 most viewed artist. One of Bobby’s strong points is his ability to market and connect himself to the massive online world. He creates great online friendships with other great people and artists because he is very real and appreciates the importance of his fans and friends.



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Technology News – Mobile Banking Offers Greater Ease, Better Deals – Money

(NewsUSA) – It seems that almost anything can be done with a click of a mouse or a downloaded app these days — including your banking.

Online-only banks are gaining popularity for many reasons, as more people become comfortable with managing their finances online.

According to the Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2016 report from the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, “forty-three percent of all mobile phone owners with a bank account had used mobile banking in the 12 months prior to the survey, up from 39 percent in 2014 and 33 percent in 2013.”

Although checking one’s account balance is the most popular mobile banking activity, mobile banking offers many other advantages, including:

-Greater efficiency. Mobile banking with an app allows consumers to bank 24/7, without the hassle of having to locate and visit a brick-and-mortar bank.

-Greater savings. Consumers who open a checking account with Republic Bank & Trust Company’s MemoryBank can earn up to 1.50 percent Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on their deposits, so long as they meet a monthly minimum of one direct deposit and five debit card uses, and receive online statements, as detailed by visiting

By contrast, rates at typical brick-and-mortar banks range from 0.04 percent to 0.06 percent. The reduced operating costs of a branchless bank allow MemoryBank to pass the infrastructure savings along to its customers.

-Fewer fees. Many brick-and-mortar banks still charge a monthly maintenance fee for accounts, as well as fees for using non-network ATMs; MemoryBank charges no maintenance fees for its EarnMore Checking account and offers access to more than 85,000 ATMs worldwide with no fee.

Although privacy and security remain concerns for consumers, most are taking steps to protect themselves while enjoying the benefits of mobile banking.

The Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2016 report, which includes survey results from approximately 2,500 adults in the United States, finds that 84 percent of consumers use mobile banking install updates, 70 percent use password protection on their phones, and 58 percent use customized privacy settings.

Today’s consumers use smartphones to inform financial decisions, according to the report. For example, 43 percent of mobile banking users in the survey who received a low balance alert moved money into the account.

For more information about the benefits of mobile banking, visit

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Self Help Tips – Summer Snack Hacks: Three Creative Tips for Simple Summer Snacking – Food

Heavy Construction News

(NewsUSA) – School’s out for the summer, which means family fun time and hungry kids home all day. From camp lunches to days by the pool — and all of those lazy days in between — kids have one thing on their minds: snacks. To assemble the perfect snack and keep kids satisfied and smiling throughout the warmer months, follow this simple guide.

* Involve Kids in the Kitchen: All those years of cooking for the kids will soon come to an end when you enlist them as mini-master sous chefs. Whether your kids are two or 10, they’ll love learning and creating their own concoctions. Fruit skewers made from fresh fruit and toothpicks or straws make for the perfect teaching opportunity. Have your kids rinse strawberries, grapes and any other desired fruit, and slide them onto a colorful straw. For a frozen treat to beat the summer heat, pop them in the freezer for a few minutes before watching your kids enjoy their own creative snack creations.

* Colorful Creations: Hungry kids are grumpy kids, and grumpy kids tend to be unhappy. The best way to keep your kids happy is to feed them well. A proper snack time means an array of options, and something for everyone. By presenting snacks in a creative way, kids will get to choose what they want to eat, providing an increased sense of individuality. Try separating dry snacks from fruit and veggie bites to present a colorful spread.

If you’re looking to add that mid-day protein boost for a sluggish kid, a great healthy option is Deli Snackers from Land O’Frost, a baked meat snack made from high-quality, oven-roasted meats. This convenient and flavorful choice offers more than 10 grams of nourishing protein per serving with less than 400 mg of sodium, making it the perfect treat to pair with crackers and cheese cubes to appeal to the pickiest eater.

* Tasty Twist: Instead of those sugar-loaded popsicles that often spark temper tantrums after the inevitable sugar crash, consider making DIY popsicles. These frozen treats will eliminate the added sugar, while still providing the juicy, refreshing dessert your kids crave. Pop your favorite juice and fruit mixture into a blender, freeze until solid and serve to the kids guilt-free.

With these simple tricks in mind, grab the kids and get ready for a summer filled with simple snacking. For coupons and more information about Land O’Frost, visit

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Rum Aficionados Are in For a Treat with Relaunch, New Label – Business

(NewsUSA) – Rum aficionados, rejoice. A classic brand is re-entering the spotlight with a new look.

St. Lucia Distillers is re-launching the Chairman’s Reserve rum in the United States in July 2017, and will unveil new packaging designed to highlight the brand’s distinguished history and reputation for quality blends in the English rum style.

“Chairman’s Reserve has always been recognized amongst the finest rums in the world,” says Benjamin Jones, director of North America for the brand.

“Now, with an elegant, refreshed look, Chairman’s Reserve will return the spotlight to St. Lucia as an island with a rich and an original legacy for producing world-class rum,” he says.

The new label for Chairman’s Reserve positions the brand to compete at the premium level in the rum category and compete against premium aged spirits overall, according to a company statement.

The Chairman’s Reserve portfolio includes Chairman’s Reserve Rum Original, Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Original, Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks, and Chairman’s Reserve White Rum.

Chairman’s Reserve Rum Original is the flagship St. Lucian rum, created in 1999. Chairman’s Reserve Original combines rums from Coffey column stills and copper pot stills, well blended after maturation and further aged in oak casks.

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Original starts with original Chairman’s Reserve and adds a spicy kick from a Caribbean bark known as “Bois Bande,” which has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. Other key ingredients include cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, and allspice, as well as lemon and orange peels.

The Forgotten Casks of Chairman’s Reserve is formulated to mimic casks of rum that were saved from the St. Lucia Distillers during a fire on May 2, 2007. The casks were misplaced, then rediscovered, but were too old for the Chairman’s Original blend, and the rum was released on its own in the extra-aged category.

The product was successful enough for Chairman’s Reserve to regularly hold back some original rum for additional aging and branding as Forgotten Casks.

Chairman’s Reserve White Rum features hints of citrus and a blend of three- to four-year-old rums aged in American white oak casks after distillation in copper pot stills and a Coffey still.

In addition, “St. Lucia Distillers will re-release the brand, “1931,” as a limited reserve expression in the Chairman’s portfolio,” according to a company statement. The rare aged rum will be known as “Chairman’s Reserve 1931.”

For more information about Chairman’s Reserve products and the relaunch, visit


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Entrepreneurs Embrace In-House Fitness – Health

(NewsUSA) – The popularity of health and fitness services is driving many entrepreneurs to start home-based businesses.

For those innovative individuals, Fitbomb, a patented fitness tool, may be the perfect fit.

This “fitness sauna”allows individuals to provide an entire gym’s worth of in-house fitness services easily.

David Shurtleff, a disabled veteran, created FitBomb as an option for those looking to improve athletic performance, enhance their health, or simply reduce the effects of aging.

“It’s like having your own fitness center without the overhead,” says Mr. Shurtleff.

“The FitBomb has everything you need to start a business, providing live video instruction for … martial arts, dance, barre, [and] hot yoga,” he says.

Other benefits include healthy detox and heated massage.

Combining sauna and fitness works by incorporating infrared heat to warm the muscles, thus helping users perform high-intensity resistance exercises with reduced risk of injury.

“Like most gym owners, you don’t even have to be a personal trainer yourself,” says Mr. Shurleff. “Just turn on the Wi-Fi and your choice of training videos instantly appears,” he explains.

As a testament to the potential to enhance your bottom line is Cheryl Murray, a fitness instructor and mother of two who set up a studio in her basement. Within months, she is making $15,000 a month for a combination of fitness training and deep fascia massage services inside the FitBomb.

Other entrepreneurs have taken the studio mobile.

A Canadian team set up a FitBomb in a box truck and promoted it with the slogan, “FitBomb: Explosive Health & Fitness delivered to your door.” They share profits with a small group of personal trainers.

Its appeal lies in its convenience and customization.

Patented features include attachments involving strategically placed “D” rings inside fitness sauna. Users attach exercise bands to these “D” rings to perform a number of exercises. The studio also features stretch bars, pull-up bars and the options to place speed bags, punching bags, and other workout accessories.

The FitBomb is available in a Studio size (7 by 9 feet) and a Solo size (6 feet, 5 inches by 50 inches).

Other special features include touch screen controllers that activate Wi-Fi videos on a TV in each unit. It is handicap-accessible, and also has a Power Access System card designed to activate power to the FitBomb for a pre-determined time and a number of activations that allows easier tracking of user activity.

For more information, visit

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Construction photos – Under Construction

Heavy Construction News

Under Construction

Rotterdam is well known for its neverending building projects. The construction of the subway system had only just finished when they started a new underground project (a shopping area). At this point they are re-developing the Central Station (a major operation) and basically everywhere in the city centre you can see work in progress. People from Rotterdam get fed up sometimes, I know I did…

For more pictures of the great city of Rotterdam, check out my picture set.

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Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

Metallica | Music Hot Hits – Rock

Metallica is an American metal band formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California, United States when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in The Recycler. Metallica’s line-up originally consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine. Mustaine was later fired due to problems with alcoholism and drug addiction – he went on to form the band Megadeth. Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett took his place. Metallica has been through several bassists, including Ron McGovney, Cliff Burton (who died in a bus crash while the band was on tour), and Jason Newsted. The current bassist is Robert Trujillo, who joined in 2003.

Metallica’s early releases included fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship that placed them as one of the “big four” of the thrash metal sub-genre alongside Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. The band earned a growing fan base in the underground music community and critical acclaim, with the 1986 release Master of

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace.


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Construction Videos – Bobcat Dumping Hopper Attachment

Heavy Construction News

The Bobcat® dumping hopper attachment can be parked and loaded with debris, and is also ideal for transporting sand, gravel, cement, topsoil and other bulk materials around any jobsite. Use the dumping hopper where trucks can’t go, like backyards or buildings! The dumping hopper mounts easily on a Bobcat loader and can be transported, detached and parked wherever it is needed — even in confined spaces. The large-capacity hopper is easy to fill with a skid-steer loader, compact excavator, or by hand. It empties quickly and easily, saving you time by reducing trips back and forth to a dumpsite or receiving truck. For more information, visit


Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

ENR Regionals Seeking Entries for 2016 Legacy Awards | 2016-07-15

Heavy Construction News

Do you know people who have established a solid “legacy” of lifetime service to the AEC industry and their colleagues? Movers. Shakers. Mentors. True professionals who have gone above and beyond their duties for decades?

Consider nominating them for an ENR regional Legacy Award. The winners will be honored during this year’s Best Projects events, and we will write a profile story about them in an upcoming ENR regional magazine.

The Legacy Award is given annually by ENR regional editors to an individual in their regions who has achieved a lifetime legacy of service, both to the AEC profession and the community.

Eligibility: Individuals may be nominated by industry colleagues, themselves or ENR editors. Age, working status (still working in the industry or retired), and professional roles or titles are not major factors in the nominations.

Selection Criteria: Individual nominees must have demonstrated significant lifelong contributions to the industry as a whole and to their chosen professions. There are no forms to fill out or entry fees to pay. Here’s the nomination process:

    • Nominations for an individual are initiated through a short (preferably one-page) letter of reference from the individual’s nominator or colleague(s) familiar with key elements of his/her career. This letter should be addressed to the ENR editor covering the region in which the nominee works (see the list of states below).


    • Nominations must also include a full business curriculum vitae, with career highlights, including innovations and key projects or initiatives worked on or managed.


    • Optional: Nominations can also include list of publications, white papers, articles, news stories written about (or authored by) the individual relevant to his/her career. Photos of work are encouraged as well. A color mug shot is optional, but recommended.


    • Optional: Nominations can also include a summary of the individual’s key activities outside the industry: community service, mentoring, teaching, political or government offices held, etc.


    • Names of the nominators may be kept confidential from the candidate (if requested) until the process has reached the finalists’ stage.


    • Nominee finalists may be asked to submit a short letter or statement about their interest in the award and provide other information as requested before final selection. The regional ENR editors will vote collectively to decide the winners.


Remember, there is no charge for entering this contest. The deadline for nominating candidates for this year’s Legacy Award for each region is listed below. Please send your nominations, by region, directly to the appropriate editor.

If you have questions about the nominations process, please call ENR Mountain States Editor Mark Shaw at 303-526-0620 or email at:

The nomination deadline for the following regions is August 31, 2017.

    • ENR New York (including New Jersey, New York): Editor Alisa Zevin,


    • ENR Texas & Louisiana (including Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas): Editor Louise Poirier,


    • ENR California (including California, Hawaii): Editor Scott Blair,


    • ENR Mountain States (including Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming) Editor Mark Shaw:


    • ENR Southwest (including Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada): Editor John Guzzon,


    • ENR Southeast (including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee): Editor Scott Judy,


    • ENR Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin): Editor Jeff Yoders,


    • ENR Mid-Atlantic (including Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia): Editor Justin Rice,


The nomination deadline for the following regions is Sept. 15, 2017.

    • ENR New England (including Connecticut, Maine, Mass., New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont): Editor Justin Rice,


    • ENR Northwest (including Alaska, Oregon, Washington): Editor John Guzzon,


We’re looking forward to hearing about your longtime “legacy” leaders.

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Dubai Holding launches $1.7bn island megaproject

Marsa Al Arab tourist development is scheduled for completion by 2020.

Marsa Al Arab tourist development is scheduled for completion by 2020.

New chairman appointed for Dubai Holding
| Dubai Holding chairman steps down
| Dubai Holding unveils South Korea project plans


Dubai Holding is launching Dubai’s latest mega-project with the Marsa Al Arab tourist development, according to reports on Sunday.

The $1.7bn project will be developed across two islands near Burj Al Arab in Jumeirah by 2020, and will include a private marina, a yacht club, and F&B options, according to Arabian Business.

Spread across 371,612sqm of space, one island will be dedicated to entertainment and family tourism while the other will feature a luxury resort. Both will add 2.2 kilometres of beach frontage, as well as three new hotels and a number of new tourist attractions.

As part of the project, the Wild Wadi Waterpark will be moved from its current road-side location closer to the beach, and will more than double in size upon completion. A retail space stretching across 20,000sqm will take its place.

Jumeirah Group also plans to introduce new leisure concepts and services as well as a new family-oriented hotel.

In addition, Dubai Holding will develop ‘Marine Park’, a marine life entertainment centre and the first of its kind in the region that will feature a live theatre of a 1,000 seat capacity, attracting world-class shows to showcase various elements of marine life.

Other features include a mixed-use convention centre, a shopping centre, and 300 sea-front apartments as part of a residential component that will offer pedestrian pathways, a jogging track, large swimming pool and a cycling course.

Dubai Holding will also develop 140 luxury villas on the ‘exclusive private island’, which will include a marina for residents.

Abdulla Al Habbai, Chairman, Dubai Holding, said: “The launch of this new and ambitious project is in line with the directives of the visionary leadership to provide the finest and rewarding tourist experiences for visitors to Dubai, as well as enhance Dubai’s position as a global tourist destination.

“We are proud of the vital role that Dubai Holding plays in this sector through supporting innovation and contributing to the economic diversification of Dubai.”

The project will break ground in June 2017 and is scheduled to complete within the next three years.

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