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Calvin Harris (born Adam Richard Wiles; January 17, 1984 in Dumfries, Scotland), is a Scottish singer, songwriter and record producer. He was born and grew up in Dumfries, Scotland. His interest in electronic music surfaced in his early teenage years, producing his first bedroom demo by the age of 15.

His first album I Created Disco was released on 18 June 2007. The album contained up-tempo electroclash songs that were influenced by music from the 1980s. To promote \’I Created Disco\’, Harris embarked on a tour of the UK, supporting Faithless and Groove Armada.

The first release from the album was Vegas on limited edition vinyl and the first charted single released from the album was Acceptable In The 80\’s, a tribute to the style and culture of the decade. The song reached the top ten on the UK singles chart, remaining on the chart for fifteen weeks. The Girls was the album\’s second charted single. The fourth release from the album was Merrymaking At My Place however it only

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Construction Videos – Anhui HELI: Enhanced Competitiveness in R&D and realizing Industry 4.0

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With the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the high integration of the world economy, an increasing number of Chinese enterprises are beginning to expand to the global market on the basis of their strong growth in China. As a leading brand in the area of industrial vehicles in China, Anhui HELI was the first to deploy SAP PLM 7.02 successfully in China. Anhui HELI built a collaborative design platform for research, production, supply, sales and service across the whole industry chain in order to effectively integrate resources in the industry, rationally expand the industry chain and optimize the industry structure to significantly improve the R&D efficiency, realize the transformation and leap-forward development from Made in China to Innovated in China, and eventually become the leader of the domestic industrial vehicle industry and a pioneer in the global industrial vehicle industry. For more information go to:


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Product Snapshot: Circular Saw and Welding Helmet | 2017-06-06 – News

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Circular Saw: Left-Sided Blade

The left-blade SIDEWINDER circular saw has the blade on the left side of the handle, improving visibility of the cut line. It accepts 71⁄4-in. blades and has a 56° bevel capacity. It has a cut depth of 17⁄8 in. at 45° and 27⁄16 in. at 90°. The saw’s all-magnesium frame contributes to its light 8.95-lb weight. A soft, ergonomic handle reduces operator fatigue, while worm-drive style guards direct dust away from the user. Skilsaw; 

Welding Helmet: Redesigned Profile

The Speedglas 9002NC welding helmet features improved exhaust vents to reduce visor fogging and improved optics for a clearer view of the weld puddle. The helmet has been redesigned for a sleeker profile, allowing for better maneuverability in tight spaces. The helmet is only 9.29 in. wide and weighs less than 1.1 lb. The 9002NC’s suspension ratchet is designed to be easily tightened while wearing heavy gloves. 3M;

Roadway Recycle Trailer: High Production

The RT-500 mobile recycle trailer is designed to work with a Roadtec RX-900 milling machine for cold-in-place recycling. This production train allows for repairs to be made to a roadway in a single pass. The RT-500 is able to process up to 500 tons per hour and can reuse up to 100% of the existing material. The 5-in. by 14-in. low-profile screen has fully adjustable amplitude and frequency, and all reclaimed material feeds into the 48-in.-dia., twin-shaft pugmill mixer. A computer-controlled additive system can monitor up to three additives, depending on the mix formula. Roadtec;

All-Terrain Crane: Improved Lift Chart

The Demag AC 100-4L all-terrain crane is a 100-ton-class crane that boasts an improved lift chart at steep main-boom angles. The four-axle crane has a standard truck width of 8.4 ft and shares many of the same designs and maintenance procedures as five-axle Demag cranes. The lift chart has been redesigned to adjust to the slewing angle of the crane, improving performance in more stable lifting positions. The crane’s main boom is 194.9 ft, with a total system length of 228 ft. Despite this boom length, the crane is able to travel on four axles while adhering to the 12-tons-per-axle limit in the U.S. Terex Cranes;

Manufacturers can send information on new products to

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Heavy Construction News – Wacker Neuson Th627

The Wacker Neuson TH627 telehandler is designed to be a versatile, three-in-one machine, the company says.

It comes with a universal attachment plate allowing it to dig and carry like a wheel loader and use multiple attachments like a skid steer with a compact footprint. As a telehandler, it has a lift height of 18 feet 7 inches and lift capacity of 5,500 pounds.

The TH627 automatically adjusts load positions to prevent tipping and improve performance. Its bucket mode is used for loading and unloading in more open areas. The operator uses manual controls to raise a load, and when it is lowered, a load management system (LMS) automatically retracts the telescopic arm to keep the load as close to the front axle as possible.

For tighter situations, the machine has a stacking/fork mode in which the boom rises and telescopes simultaneously, with the LMS keeping the load on a vertical plane. The same goes for lowering the boom.

The TH627 is powered by a Tier 4 Final, 74-horsepowe

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Heavy Construction News – World’s first success in asymmetric borylation of ketones — ScienceDaily

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A team of Hokkaido University researchers has developed the world’s first method to achieve the catalytic asymmetric borylation of ketones, a breakthrough expected to facilitate the development of new medicines and functional chemicals.

Optically active organoboron compounds are essential ingredients for medicines and functional materials such as liquid crystals. In particular, because compounds with an oxygen atom existing very close to a boron atom can become the basic structure for medicines, researchers around the world have strived to develop a method to synthesize such compounds. However, success eluded them because of difficulties associated with designing catalysts.

The research team led by Professor Hajime Ito of Hokkaido University’s Graduate School of Engineering, who succeeded in synthesizing optically active organoboron compounds by the borylation of aldehydes a few years ago, used ketone compounds in this research. Ketone compounds are considered to be more difficult than aldehydes to use in asymmetric syntheses.

The team has been improving catalysts to synthesize optically active organoboron compounds since it developed a method for the borylation of organic compounds via a copper (I) catalyst in 2000. In this latest research project, the team members — mainly Dr. Koji Kubota and Shun Osaki of Hokkaido University — conducted experiments to find a suitable catalyst for the borylation of ketones. They found that a type of catalyst element called chiral NHC complex is suitable for the asymmetric borylation of ketones.

According to their findings, ketones reacted efficiently with diboron in the presence of a copper (I)/chiral NHC complex to furnish optically active organoboron compounds. More than ten different types of ketones reacted efficiently under the same conditions. The researchers analyzed how the catalyst works by analyzing the reactions using computational chemistry methods.

“Optically active organoborons formed by our methods can be used to synthesize candidate compounds for medicines and functional materials. The catalytic mechanism we revealed by computational analysis should help develop more efficient catalysts,” says the corresponding author Hajime Ito. The researchers plan to investigate whether the new method can be applied to other compounds such as ketimines, which are generally regarded as difficult to use in asymmetric syntheses.

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Heavy Construction News – Microrods made of lanthanoid organic frameworks act as microscale optical waveguides — ScienceDaily

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Optical data transmission allows information to be transmitted as light by way of optical waveguides in fiber optic networks. Chinese researchers have now developed microscale optical waveguides. As reported in the journal Angewandte Chemie, they have made microrods of lanthanide metal-organic frameworks. Their particular crystal structure ensures low-loss light conduction and the emission of polarized light.

Lanthanides are a group of metals whose special electronic structure makes them attractive for use in optoelectronic applications. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) based on lanthanides (Ln-MOFs) offer a wide range of possibilities for targeted variations in structure. MOFs are lattice-like structures made of metallic “nodes” bridged by organic connectors.

Well-defined, microscale Ln-MOFs have remained a rarity, however. Now, things have changed with the new micro-rod Ln-MOFs, which have potential as microscale waveguides. Led by Dongpeng Yan and Yong Shen Zhao at Beijing Normal University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China), the researchers chose to use benzenetricarboxylic acid (BTC) as their organic building block. This compound strongly absorbs UV light and has electronic energy levels well matched with lanthanides. In a self-organization process under certain synthetic conditions, the BTC molecules and lanthanide ions assemble into crystalline microrods.

Within the crystal, the BTC molecules function as tiny “light antennas”: they capture light and very efficiently pass it on to the lanthanide ions in a radiationless energy-transfer process. The lanthanide ions then emit the energy as luminescence whose color varies depending on the lanthanide used. Terbium MOFs emit green light; europium MOFs glow red. Doping terbium MOFs with 5% europium results in orange luminescence.

Viewed under a microscope, rods evenly irradiated with UV light have very bright points at both ends while only weakly glowing otherwise. The spectrum of the emitted light is constant along the length of the rods. The microrods are thus acting as low-loss optical waveguides. It is also interesting that the light emitted at the ends is circularly polarized and evenly distributed over the cross-section of the rods.

This behavior results from the special crystal structure of the microrods, in which the lanthanide ions wind in a helical chain along an axis of the crystal. The chains are bound together by phenyl groups of the BTC, which form impenetrable walls for the light. The overall result is a three-dimensional lattice penetrated by square channels.

With their low light loss and high photoluminescence quantum yield, these novel one-dimensional microstructures could serve as an effective platform for the development of new systems of color tunable optical waveguides with polarized emissions.

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