Heavy Construction News – Cat 637 scraper review

Heavy Construction News

In this video, Ron Horner catches up with Danny Hope on one of Hope Civil’s South East Queensland civil sites to chat about his fleet of Cat 637 scrapers and to show the power and grace of these double-engined earthmoving giants.

Cat 637 scraper video review


Coal reserve management Only Caterpillar offers Wheel Tractor-Scrapers designed exclusively for your coal stockpiling and retrieval needs. The Cat® 637G Coal Bowl Scraper can construct and maintain your coal stockpiles, as well as haul loads to your inlet supply system to meet the burn requirements of the plant.

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Flywheel Power: Tractor/Scraper 373 kw (500 hp) / 211 kW (283 hp)
Flywheel Power – Tractor 345 / 373 kW (462 / 500 hp)
Flywheel Power – Scraper 198 / 211 kW (266 / 283 hp)
Tractor Engine Cat® C18 with ACERT Technology
Scraper Engine Cat C9 with ACERT Technology

Operating Specifications

Scraper Capacity: Heaped 50.0 yd3
Top Speed (Loaded) 33.0 mph
Rated Load 76000.0 lb
Scraper Capacity – struck 41.0 yd3
180° Curb-to-Curb Turning Width 44.95 ft


Operating Weight – loaded, approx. 194909.0 lb
Operating Weight – empty, approx. 118909.0 lb


Height to Top of Scraper 13.71 ft
Wheelbase 31.27 ft
Length – overall 50.75 ft
Width – overall 12.93 ft
Tread – Scraper 8.07 ft
Tread – Tractor 8.07 ft

Benefits & Features

Coal Bowl Scraper Benefits

Dependable Coal Management and Hauling

Dual Engines

Dual Engines allow Coal Bowl Scrapers to achieve maximum payloads and deliver fast cycle times.


All-Wheel-Drive allows the machine to work effectively in poor underfoot conditions and climb piles of slippery, loose coal.

Large Capacity Coal Bowls

Coal Bowls are longer and higher than standard scraper bowls, which allows you to haul 50 cubic yards (38 cubic meters) with a 637G.

Compaction Capability

Coal bowl scrapers are effective in compacting coal, which reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion of coal in the stockpile by eliminating the air spaces.

Coal Stockpile Management

Coal Bowl Scrapers are the ideal stockpile management tool.

Maintaining the Coal Stockpile

Coal Bowl Scrapers are effective in compacting coal, which reduces the possibility of spontaneous combustion in the coal stockpile. This allows your company to meet plant safety regulations and eliminates the need for additional compaction equipment.

Reclaiming Coal from the Stockpile

When incoming coal shipments cannot satisfy your coal burn requirements, you need a way to reclaim the coal off the stockpile. Coal Bowl Scrapers can move coal from the stockpile to the inlet supply of the plant.

Building the Coal Stockpile

Coal Bowl Scrapers allow you to create your coal stockpile by self-loading coal in the receiving area, hauling it to the stockpile area, and dumping coal in thin lifts.





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