Heavy Construction News

Heavy Construction News

John Deere 310SK backhoe review
8.7 Score
Serviceability 8.2
Performance 8.4
Operator features 8.6
Machine options 9.1
Dealer/service 9.1
About the John Deere 310SK

Introduced in 2012, the 96-horsepower Deere 310SK features a 5-speed transmission that allows top roading speeds of 25 mph. With a 14-foot 6-inch dig depth and a 11,051-pound loader breakout force, the machine has a loader lift capacity of 7,356 pounds.

The optional AutoShift transmission enables smooth shifting and reduces the number of times the transmission control level needs to be actuated during operation. In addition, a single loader lever with electro-hydraulic auxiliary loader controls eliminates the need for a second lever while using a multi-purpose bucket.

On the backhoe end, Deere redesigned the backhoe joystick on the K Series, giving it equal lever efforts in all directions plus improved swing control, reducing backhoe wag. Serviceability upgrades from the previous J Series include improved engine access and a cooling package design that allowed each cooler to be separated for easy cleaning.

The JDLink telematics system is standard. Auto idle, auto shutdown and keyless start are also standard on Sealed Switch Model machines. The machine has an economy mode setting, designed to balance maximum productivity and fuel savings. Fuel savings also get an assist from the electronically-controlled, variable-speed cooling fan.

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